15 comments on “Picture From Facebook : Siti Nurhaliza.

  1. Myazara = hehee indeed zara =)

    Am = yeah..one hater cuming through eh? hehe…by the way, this ain’t about Troy in High School musical la Am! hahahahak

    Pingu Toha = yeah she’s a Dato’ but i prefer not to call her with her Dato’ or Datin Seri titles thingies. She’s always be Siti Nurhaliza for me..hehe. A’a Am komen best2x je kalao pasal TROY a.ka. Zac Efron…kan? *rolling eyes sambil giggles* Hhahaha!

  2. mogaba = yes indeed..i like “Destinasi Cinta”..

    Am = aww Am, we all know you despise jambu since you are one. you only favors boybands, Colin Farrell, boybands, Chad Michael Murray, boybands, Blue – particularly the song “FLEXIN”, boybands, Clay Aiken (erk? I made this up..i guess u like him!), bla bla bla….boybands forever eh? oops, no pun intended (or maybe i did).

  3. Haha. Defo right. But not Clay Aiken maan. Never like him anyway. His voice is too oldies. Doesn’t fit the ‘youngness’ in me. Ahaks

  4. Am = I thought you adore every single product produced by the American Idol? If I remember correctly, you did like Clay Aiken…Hhaa, you think i will let u get away with that? I’ve clear vivid memory on THAT! =)

  5. Wawwa : Ialso like her. I’d hope I can meet her in person too. But not as hardcore when she was anak dara la hehe…now so-so only but still adore her song and diplomatic/ politically correct approaches 🙂

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