12 comments on “The 14th ASEAN University Games @ Stadium Bukit Jalil.

  1. ehem… yes? what’s up? yeah that day was fun… sorry I can’t temankan u for the closing ceremony later Shahrill. if there’s a similar event again, i’ll let u know and invite u again. Too bad they might not have the sukan Wanita Kebangsaan next year… last year was superb.You should have been there.hehehe! Cheers! hi boyzzzz!!! hehehe….

  2. amboi gatal-gatal sume kat shini ek…hihihik..shahrill gak nampak kiut. Mata cam model dlm American Next Top Model versi lelaki la hehe

  3. Apit = hehee…yola

    Kitty Kat = oh ya kah? LOL! This kinda thing is so exciting~ we shud do this again =). Erk? enjoy urself hollering to the boys, eh?*smirk*

    Leftenan Muda = hahaa…lama x dgr?

    Tintia Mustika = ya terima kasih saya hargai =)

    Myazara = lol..tima kacih zara

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