19 comments on “Banker Colleague Masreena’s Wedding @ Kelab Shah Alam, Selangor.

  1. okesss…jgn la mrajuk bro>>>
    skang bz sket dah ditukarkan ke catering mAS yg lain..lain department daa..
    meriah wedding ni..ape cuisine dia?sedap?

  2. Ariff = ader yg nak kene debik karang nih..huh~!

    Leftenan Muda = erk??? *clueless*

    Myazara = yer betul tu zara. It’s a beautiful wedding for Kak Mas..

    Apit = hehehe..yo la..TQ *wink*

    Nazri Kamal = heehe..TQ kerna mengomen yah ahaks=). Seri pengantin? I wish =)

    Ina = arigato!!

    27 Dresses = erk? ok..i guess tis is ur ‘thang.’…

    op Fino = huhuuh..xper la..its ok. nasi tomato kot..mlay cuisine la..

    p/s : wow…banyaknya….!!!

  3. easily get jealous and seeing friends or acquaintances getting married is something I loathe.

    please elaborate more? hate and jealousy towards wedding? idgi….?

  4. dreamy = ehhe..hurm..its not really much about the wedding. For people who knows me well especially budak2x PFS (like Dzulfahmi), I’m known for my ‘kiasu’ attitude and prone to jealousy terhadap apa-apa yang orang lan dpt lebih daripada aku; cth dulu if they got more marks then me, then they knew that i’m gonna be jealous and flustered @ mood spoilt la! The wedding thingy; of course I felt like left out ; wonder when will be my turn (if ada jodoh la kan?); in the meantime I’m just couldnt stand the fact that other peple are happy and I’m not; the feeling of being left out and not at the same par with other IRRITATES me! Well~ now u know a lil bit of my real face!

  5. seriously? so u want to get married bcoz of jealousy other people’s marriage not bcoz u want to get married?u definitely give kiasu a whole new level!!!

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