16 comments on “New Year 2009 : Mission & Resolution. Ode To The Promised Land. “Jambu” Jugdemental.

  1. And dont forget, besides having very good parents and sister u too have verrry good friends, betul tak? We are always here, mate. We are shoulders for u to cry on. We are also hands to wipe ur tears. That’s what friends are for!

  2. huuhuhu..sedih bunyi Rill..
    sape kaco nko? meh aku nak sekeh kapla dio kasik benjut 5 bijik atas tuh !

  3. Naz = thanks.. I appreciate that Naz 🙂 Aw…huhuhh

    Nahar Iskandar = huhuhuhh…..takde pape la..

    Munir = TQ Nir…owh that sounds very therapeutic. And by the way, your english isn’t bad. Saja ya 😛

  4. thoughtful and mindful words of wisdom.

    passionate bout ur career, the crucial part of the profession which is fading as time goes by. Hope your brethren in profession will share the same sentiment ek, for the glory of our future generation..

    It’s too much for Gaza had endured (and we cant do anything) sob sob…

    looking forward to ur future post (esp bout being Che’gu)

  5. ingatkan sharill yg cedera, muka sebijik shahrill hehe…selamat belajar, kat ipda tu ada my fren, ust zaini zain yg ajar arabic…kalu jumpa, kirim salam saya ekk hehe…jgn fikir pergi jauh2 tu…kalau ke sana pun, 1 pengalaman yg sgt berharga utk dirasai…

  6. Noor = Aww…that’s sweet. Thanks.. I’m really looking forward as much I’m kinda scare about the Borneo posting. Not that I have anything against that; I really wanna be allocated there really but hopefully pekan la; the degree of rural is so challengin – i heard from SMS-es from cikgu yg baru di-posted sana. 🙂

    Papa-Mea = Hhehe takde la Ustaz.. tapi insiden tu ade kena mengena dgn muka saya tuh…ada maknawi tersirat di sebalik paparan muka sebijik tu 😛 TQ.

  7. “It feels good to speak for others; a refreshing changes from being selfish; that is speaking about merely yourself.”

    Quote for the day. Your writings keep puzzling me everytime new entries being published, an inspiration word of wisdoms Cikgu Shahrill hehe

  8. As a soldier and having few fellow comrades at Lebanon now, I feel what you have written. War is the destructive scene that you could ever imagine. Seeing men, women and children dead in front of your eyes are sights you can never knock out from your head.

    I am proud that you have done your peice as a good samaritan Rill.. the super duper Jamboo 😛

  9. Sorry for the late reply. I’m yet to change my internet provider. Still relying on the slow MAXIS GPRS for the tyme being 😦

    Puteri Hang Li Po = Thanks a lot. That’s very nice of you 😛

    Spanar Hidup = Manja eek? ahaks~ Manja merpati kekeke.. gurau aja ya!

    Leftenan Muda = Wow, you’ve been in real war? I mean REAL war? That’s very nice experience you are sharing with us. And by the way, your english isn’t bad at all. I wonder why you don’t regularly post in english before this? A remarkable ‘words-tailoring’ I have to say Leftenan 🙂

    op Fino = Owh, nuthing much. Provincial life. Still adjusting to the life here…huhuhh. TQ for asking though..

  10. xmau p sabah/sarawak? kena kawen cpt2la…..tringt zaman aku sekolah dulu cikgu ada crita time dia kna ngajar kt sana kna tunggu hujan turun br bleh mandi. seriously beb, aku bkn nk menakutkan hg or what tp kna make up ur mind dr skrg la whether u want to do this or not and if u do, kena make sure not only physically but mentally ready la….go, go fighting!!!

  11. nzard = Hurm..actually aku x kesah kalau dpat Borneo pekan..tapi tu la dgr SMS kawan2x Muzem dapat sekolah naik bot 5 jam, naik land rover 4 wheel drive 4 jam, lalu tepi gaung, hutan belantara naik rakit, dll agak menakutkan. Tapi yg penting, kontrak n tanggungjawab kena juga dilaksanakan. Kata hati aku x semestinya jive dgn ketentuan Ministry of Education. Wait n see 🙂

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