16 comments on “12th January 2009 : Legally Student. It’s Back To School!

  1. Faked an MC? Now Rill..That is an offence. A teacher must set a good example. You need to be whipped. On your knee ! πŸ˜€

  2. Nazri Kamal = Hhehe..yo lah tue..TQ

    Myazara = tu la..mmg lawa pun. Tapi pernh tgk tgn dia? berurat. But she doesn’t care that. Beautiful inside n outside πŸ™‚

    Leftenan Muda = LOL !!!! I’m sorry but what I am suppose to do? Oscar n all the events selalu tayangkan pagi Isnin (Suday nite kat sana obviously!). Bessides, it’s not like I always do that!! At least I’m honest for the rest of MCs πŸ˜› Besides, I wonder who are you?..I mean, you indeed one of the greatest comment giver n yet I’m quite vague abt u…curious πŸ˜›

  3. Hhehehe…

    are you scared of being stalked?

    Well.. I COULD be one of your Tagged people….

    That’s how I found out about your blog. Very impressive I dare say. Honest although a lot of mix of malay n english, it is unique. I enjoy your saccharine writing.

    Muahahaha !!!!!!!!

  4. Erk??? Really? What’s the nick/ pseudonym/ your full name you put up there? LOL, this is hardly a stalking! Hurm..it’s like 3000++ people honestly in the list. Kinda hard to look la…I guess you will remain anonymous..till you choose to reveal thyself πŸ˜›

  5. Hahhaa…it’s not going to be easy Rill πŸ˜€

    Perhaps we have already correspond with one another via Tagged, only I don’t use English..

    Maybe one of my pictures is where me n my mates doing latihan gempur at PD…

    Or maybe….no? Kekeke..

  6. hey hey Shahrill… good luck for your KPLI! i just got to know another friend enrolling for it today but in Kuching.I hope u are ok. don’ be nervous… it’s just like first day of school.. except this time… you’ll be the trainee teacher.. hehehe…

    Anyways, i was so sick over the past one week.i had the weekend to rest.i’m better now.You take care ok.all the best and be the best!

  7. Kitty_K8 = Kat !!!!! Huhuhu..thanks for the comfort reply gurl. Yeah, it was like the first day of school basically. Documents enrolment, meeting new faces, etc. It was kinda fun actually and I was having a blast..until I found out the hectic c schedule. A lil’ bit electrocuted though. Nonetheless, I’m determined to make the best of this path of life I chose.

    Naz = Hehhee. TQ πŸ˜› Hhahaa.. maybe tak jadi kot ayah aku nak bawak cucoq udang pasai semua budak KPLI kena dok luar. Tidak ada asrama disediakan. Luckily umah aku dekat ja ngan IPDA. Aku ulang alik naik moto la kot. πŸ˜€

    Mariposa = Hola Janice Jan. Tomorrow will be the first ‘studying’ day. The Orientation week was alright. New experiences and new faces met. Hhehee. Only the hectic schedule bothers me initially. Emotionally stable now though heee.

  8. Hey babe..reading your first foray into education world is kinda cool..and now you re already a teacher man

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