29 comments on “Flaws.

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  2. eeh anyway, awak cuteee sgt!!! Cikgu Shahrill boleh jadi model part time tau..muka ada komersil value gitu…heheh

  3. Yes, a wow! u know there’s a time when the ideas just came pouring in and all the creative juices just came like rolling waves and was written beautifully… yes, that’s the moment for u. ur language memang best!

  4. apsal lak jiwang tulisan ko nih? ada prob ka we..?

    Kalau gini muka cikgu PJK aku, nak gakkkk jadi murid !!!!! muahahhaha

  5. Hi everybody sorry being super duper BUSY!!! My body is in ache sebab every PJK Asas n PJK Minor kena lari stadium 6 rounds for warming-up. Dah berkarat badan ni lama x lari hhuhuh 😛

    Puteri Hang Li Po = Ya….:)

    Leftenan Muda = Saya masih lagi samar-samar dalam ekspresi “WOW” tu Encik Leftenan Muda Adie…

    Myazara = *ROFL*! hehehhe…motivasi ni utk saya dan utk kongsi sesama rakan2 pembaca juga. Model? Tak cukup tinggi. Model Billboard boleh la 😛

    Nazri Kamal = ERkkkkk???????? *pengsan*!

    Lentera Timur = Thanks..hehe but I wonder what’s the correlation of this entry with “Flaws and All”? Izzit because of the title? *grins*

    Emmy Hermina = awww..really? Thanks Emmy that’s sweet of you- which of course is a no match in comparison to yours which are nicely tailored-written all time. Like your writings too!! Yeah, it was kinda spontaneous spur-of-the-moment time for me hehe. Thanks for dropping by, though 🙂

    Nahar Iskandar = errk??? Takde jiwang. Memotivasikan diri la hehe. Erk? Jgn ingat muka mcm ni baik..aku suka pukul2 n ikat2 orang yg nakal ni…haahahhaha 😀

  6. Keris Pak Ya = hurm…TQ 🙂

    Muzem = Thanks…

    Apit = peminat takder la..admirer and stalker banyak la..ahaks!!! 😀

    Buduck Nakal = yes..

    Papa-Mea = Hhehe..ari tu takleh tido la Ustaz..saya x de laptp..gune desktop! keke

  7. “WOW” tu tandanya tulisan anda bagus skali…..

    Erm…tengok jarang-jarang update entri blog ni sejak jadi cikgu? Busy ke?

  8. a very beautiful blog and entry here Shahrill. You are a gifted person in writing. Have you ever thought of making money out of your talent?

    By the way, sweeet pichha there. First glance, I was even…erm.. 🙂

  9. Leftenan Muda = ya..saya agak busy selepas masuk program KPLI ni. Masa senggang terbatas dan keupyaan badan utk menulis terbantut dek latihan PJK saban hari….letih..

    Myazara = errrrrk? *LOL*

    Nostradamus Hensem = Well, I don’t mind if if there’s any chances of me making money outta my writing! 😛 What’s wrong with your first glance?

  10. hi shahrill. i prefer to be your silent reader but this time, i want to tell u something. 1st, im so suprise that u also interesed in teaching…going to be a teacher ya! 2nd, u have sooooo many stories. i really2 wonder when u read those book..

  11. Sorin Mihalache = owh…k..

    farahiyah = Yes I’m going to be a teacher. But I am not going to lie by saying this is like my wildest aspiration to become a teacher – if not I would have taken Science Edu. back in USM, wouldn’t I? I always have the flair to teach others but never really thought that a teacher is what I will be for the rest of my life – Insya Allah. But now since I’m in this path, I hope I could do well and excel in this line; Insya Allah.

    And about the books and stories; yea, I’m a self-confessed nerd. As hectic as the schedule may be, I will still find time to read something, I supposed 😛

    Syed Alif = yer..Rill tahu la..kenal la…apa lah..

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