10 comments on “10,000 Hit! “Halo” Dedication To Y’all.

  1. holy crap, 10000 hits??!!! kongratz dude!!! (I’m first to comment?)
    btw, breaking news….[Undomiel’s EXCLUSIVE!!!]
    Rihanna might not be coming to Malaysia since now she’s involved in police investigation over ‘domestic disturbia’ with her boo, Chris Brown.
    “Los Angeles police said they plan to detain R&B singer Chris Brown for questioning in connection with an alleged domestic violence assault against his girlfriend, pop singer Rihanna, according to sources familiar with the investigation.
    Chris Brown has officially been booked into the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department.Brown has been charged with one count felony criminal threats. His bail has been set at $50,000 — no word if he’s paid it yet.

    UPDATE 11:42 PM EST: TMZ has learned Chris has paid his bail and was released.”

  2. Gossip Gurl = yeah, I did come across abt Brown being aressted. But I didn’t know that IT WAS RIHANNA WHO WAS BEING BATTERED!!!! The Yahoo! (kot, lupa dah) just said underage assault. Holy crap! Looks like Rihanna ain’t coming hahaha; I ain’t goin anyway; not my thang:P If Angie were to be in that situation, she will kick the guy’s ass!

    and yeah ur the first one!- erk??? Undomiel’s exclusive? ur making it sound hilarious la weh! 😀

  3. Nostradamus Hensem = lol..you are like I donno…the coutless person whos aid that. Hurm..maybe la kot. Now no time to think about that la.schedule packed sgt.

    Gossip Gurl = LOL! Thanks for being the informer. Rihanna ain’t coming to Malaysia! I’m so happy that people who bought the ticket can’t go to the oncert (shitty attitude isn’t it?) although I do feel sorry for Rihanna!

    Muzem = TQ my friend. So far OK..semuanya still manageable although terlampau pack dan byk sagta presentation/ projek/ sukan/ gerko sampai hari2x balik averagely pukul 6.30pm-7pm. But it’s an atmosphere yg aku boleh tolerate:) And dari sekarang kena bersipa sedia dari segi mental utk di hantar ke Borneo. Nak taknak, I have to expect the worst. Naik boat 8 jam sume. Kem BIG kena aku manfaatkan betul2x la…scare but have too la..

  4. Been your silent readers all these while. Just wanna say, you have the gift to write and very honest about what you feel. And your words of wisdom hit me deep… congrats dude!

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