21 comments on “Godsis/Next Cousin Sharifah Darweena Al-Idrus’s Akad Nikah @ Masjid Al-Bukhary.

  1. Nazri kamal = yeah she is indeed beautiful..LOL, we are not related by blood!

    Puteri Hang Li Po = erk?? U are Sharifah izzit? I dunno..have to ask Ween though..lol..anyway, this sounds so funny coz I’m not like really in the Syed/ Sharifah circle! 🙂

  2. Mariposa = LOL Jan! Of course u KNOW her! She was with me when I took the espanol classe, remember? I always sit with her! 😛

    nzard = TELL ME ABOUT IT! I also never thought she would get married and look like THAT! The moment I masuk Masjid, I tak kenai dia, u know. Kinda sebak jugak when she hugged Uncle after the akad. *sigh*

  3. Nice blog bro!!! And I totally agree with someone up there!! All of you look the same! I mean pointed nose! Even the groom!!

  4. Nostradamus Hensem = LOL!!!

    Myazara = yes indeed Zara. Agree!!

    nzard = yeah I know whaccha mean! It’s like difference rite. She’s a woman now 😛 Anyway, Mariposa is Janice! She took same Spanish class with me and Ween. I’m not sure whether you guys know each other or not.

    Aubrey = LOL..coincedently identical I guess. BIG NOSE we are! 😀

    Reyna = hhuhuhuh tue la..Aku pun x dpt pi masa reception on the 14th February sbb IPGM aku ganti kelas sampai la pukul 5 PM. That’s why aku g masa akad nikah tu.

  5. Naz = indeed it was; more like an akad nikah ceremony though.

    Lutfi Amri = erk? kak aku? you meant Kak Aiza ka? That’s Ween’s cousin la!..hehee..maybe you see us with our BIG nose kot 🙂

    Benjamin = *LOL*

  6. shahril is related by marriage not by blood (birth) so i guess the big nose is coincidence kot unless dia pn ada darah pak arab mcm Ween tuh. ANd slalunya the Sharifahs and Syeds yg ada Al-something2 tuh related to each other (as in Puteri Hang Li Po case). and i guess i don’t know that Mariposa (Janice).

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