18 comments on “KL/Putrajaya Rendezvous : A Whole New World.

  1. eh, dtg KL ek???? ala…tak bgtau pun..zara suke la video klip Aladdin tu…teringat mser kecik mama bawak gi cinema… 🙂

  2. aii..rapat semacam je..boyfren ke??? wakakakakaa..sape gurl atas tu? perkenal bleh? sweeettt gilos…errmmm 😀

  3. A whole new world
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to tell us no where to go
    or say we’re only dreaming…

    A whole new world
    A hundred thousand feet to see
    I’m like a shooting star
    I’ve come so far
    I can’t go back to where I used to be (Every turn a surprise)

  4. BTW, the restaurant is known as SOHO not SOTO!
    Let’s plan a getaway for our family. Perhaps after my Bandung vacation and Mak Ayah’s umrah. What say u?

  5. Myazara = wow, really? Rill x nah g movie until 1995- ‘Pocahontas’ 🙂

    Benjamin = Don’t we all, Benjy? 🙂

    Puteri hang Li Po = hehehe..tue la..mata die bulat je. cheeky gak tuh..

    Nahar Iskandar = erk??? Kalau boipren apsal? jeles?? ahaks!! Owh..tu Kat @ Kathleen Nandong..apsal? hehehe 😛

    Syafiqah = lol..ur making me blush la..huuhuh TQ 🙂

    Dorothy Edgar = Howdy!!!! Thanks for the lyrics! I’ve always puzzled on how people can actually find my blog with few key words or tags 🙂

    Ziggurats = LOL, I realized that mistake but too late to amend that. More like typo 🙂 Hey, that sounds nice! Gotta menabung la then! Hahahah 🙂

    Strawberry = TQQQQ!!!! 🙂

    Lutfi Amri = yeah 🙂 ERk?? What is ‘semedang’? Tis can’t possibly true that your bm is better than mine? LOL

  6. i agree with ur mom, super sentimental plak (not sensitive)! whatever….
    and no, i don’t like aladdin’s song tu ye…..

  7. aik… nama naik pla… hehehe… i’ve been away for too long! hahaha thanks for dropping by KL Shahrill! Always happy to see you… Wishing you all the best with your KPLI. tahan lah ye… bagaikan DPA… hahaha… just one year and then you’re a full-fledge teacher!

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