23 comments on “(Death). Puffy Eyes. No White Flag.

  1. assalamualaikum,

    Lama x singgah cnie byk dah yg berlaku kat hidup Cg Shahrill…

    Jgn ikutkan perasaan sgt..banyak org lain yg sangat menyayangi anda. Mungkin anda sahaja yg x sedar sebab kadangkala apa yg anda cari berada di depan mata anda..

  2. Hello bro Rill !

    Never say you are destined to be alone. There will be someone for you. Cry is one way to release the stress. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I know, you must really devastated and felt like you want to die, right? It’s a normal process. Everyone goes through that… before they find someone 🙂

    Chill, k

  3. what happen?? hey, i also felt that way sometimes, that im destined to be alone etc. (dont ask, long story, i have my own probs and past u know). but at the same time, i cant deny this feeling to be with someone, to share my life with someone, to live with someone, to spend every waking moments i have with him. i cant fight that urges too. So i guess the feeling u had are there in your weaker moments je. u’ll be fine. never to deny urself happiness as Allah is there for everyone that remembers HIM.

  4. yuuhuuu…dasat la blog shahrill ni. Kak Scha tgk kat data yg ley kesan negara mana yg visit blog ni.

    ada yg dari Israel, Ha sharon ( ye ke kot? lupe). Pastu Notting Hill, UK, Australia?????

    btwn, jgn sedih-sedih..banyak yg nak kat shahrill tau!

  5. Yg patah hilang tumbuh berganti….aper nak risau?

    Tapi betul gak ckp Puteri Hang Li Po.

    Aperhal plak ade yg view dari Italy, Milan & Portugal????????? Blog ni femes ke ape??? Jgn prah-san ek Rill kee 😛

  6. hey hey… what’s up? sorry I haven’t been online for a long time therefore I haven’t updated myself on your happenings…

    I think a lot of people go through that moment… you know i’ve been there too… many here agree… i’m sure… it’s a normal part of life… it’s just that phase we get into once in a while… but there are days when the sun is shining and the problems fade or hide in the corner and we are our own happy self again. No life is without any downturns or problems. Just have to swallow it and take things one step at a time. Not every smile pictures a happy heart. but it doesn’t hurt to smile because it will lessen the melancholy. I’m here. don’t worry. just text me when u need someone to listen to… u know i listen. take care my dear friend.

  7. Holaa..it’s Kiki BITCH! haha..jgn mara..kene menjaga tatasusila katanya. btw dh lama x masuk sini sbb dh lama tak on9 24/7..seronot baca pengalaman cikgu Rill@Yen mengajar..tahni..ah!

    btw, bleh x tolon justify text kt blog ni..sbb rasa mcm malas je nak baca, nampak serabut.

    ok, assalamualaikum Cikgu Yen..

    p/s: cikgu Yen tanak letak chatbox ke kt blog ni mcm cikgu Mimi buat tu? jgn lupa ABP 12 April, AIM 2 Mei..sekian sahaja

  8. Dear All,

    Thanks for the soothing words. I know now I am blessed with friends and acquiantances who deeply caring. I treasure every comments here and the thoughts. These are alleviating, TQ *sob*

    I now moved on. I understand that whatever there’s always a Qaramah in everything that Allah determined. Alhamdulillah…

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