17 comments on “Physical Education @ Nipah Bay, Pangkor Island : The Survivor Island Experience & Tribal Taste.

  1. Reading this entry membuatkan aku rase rindu sangat kat kengkawan maktab.. And, yup, PPL (Program pendidikan Luar) was one of the meorable moment not to forget with.. Aku dulu meras ala buat cap-size, abseiling and sort of thing.. Rindu..

    Anyway Rill, do enjoy this momment before the ‘summer’ ends. Next coming ‘spring’, new off-springs will be reproduce. And this summer will be a memory.

    Good luck, mate!.

  2. Hehe.. mmg best kan wat outdoor activities. Teringat masa aku gi Outward Bound selama 2 minggu kat Lumut last year.

  3. Nir = hehehhe 😛

    Naz = tu la walaupun physically and mentally draining. Hari ni aku nak g camping untuk Red Crescent lak n 3th May aku akan ke Lumut for Bina Insan Guru!

  4. best sgt tgk xtvt Yen, tp wa x minat la beb gi camping. jgn lupe update plak pasal camping pbsm..n tahni prda memang besar katanya..go yoppp!!!

  5. aik?? Datang Lumut rupanya…. Dekat dah tu…

    Kat navy base Lumut tu la Adie tgh berlatih skang…. 😦

    Gambar-gambar menarik tu..seksi ahh 😛

  6. Nir = yer Nir. ur blog is inspiring for my mind..reading about all those stuffs…

    Am = yeah, i figure that out too… Looks like tis is my forte rather than the life in the banking line, aite? Yeah, I’m trying to swirl myself within the positive-energy these days, now that I’m fully embracing myself as a teacher 🙂

    KikiMacho = BEST SANGAT JADI KIKI MACHO!!!!!!! 😛

    Leftenan Muda = tu la mmg nampak base navy. Erk????? Apa yg seksi tuh?

    hoonuch crew = ahaks…. 🙂

    StrawberryCupcake = arigatozaimas!

  7. so cool… sounds so like OBS… lebih kurang lah tu… i’m sure u had tonnes of fun… it’s true that what u say doesn’t really picture the whole experience… u have to experience it for yourself to feel the awesomeness of the whole experience.looks like you’re enjoying it a lot… cool!

  8. I am really fascinated with your blog. Although there are some parts I don’t understand as you wrote them in Malay, the pictures are worthwhile. Keep it up! Malaysia is truly Asia!

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