19 comments on “Picture is STOLEN. Again.

  1. This is endless…..
    x abis2 diorang ni nak curik pic orang lain
    kalau ye pun muka tu x hensem dan tak lawa, x payahlah sampai nak kidnap gambar orang lain suka2 ati plak ye tak?

  2. aii kali keberapa dah ni sharill? dari dulu hingga kini, tetap meletop! kakaka.

    mereka yang tak tahu bersyukur je jenis rembat muka orang lain ni.. hai, dunia2..

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  4. again? hmm…. byk kali dah terjadi.. adei… cian… how did u find out? maybekan… a lot of your picture dah kena spread out in cyber space(yalah gambaq org jambu, noh? hehehe… laku lagi dr yg rasa diri huduh dan mmg huduh lah kerana tak appreciate pemberian tuhan pada diri2 mereka yg terasa, makan cili api/burung)

    sabaq noh… i think it’s hard to tackle this problem since it is after all the cyber space…

  5. hoonuck crew = huhuh..thanks…

    Harimau malaya = errrm..maybe..

    nzard = oh really? thanks! valuable info!!

    Kitty K8 = I donno girl..the thing was that i saw the profile nangga my profile!! I was flabbergasted how can my own picture VIEW my profile rite??? tengok2x budak ni curik my pic already. These days ppl just come to page and save je gambar..I already private my profile..hurm..dunno la..

  6. Can’t trust the domain… if we don’t want our pictures snatch i guess by all means we need to take em all down… sigh! privacy NOT protected!

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