13 comments on “I Am Alone At A Crossroads.

  1. Just take a really good care of yourself. Kekadang rase missed gak nak borak2 nagn hang, khai, syafiq and all of the fellows to siphon out the things that happened lately. Hmm.. time flies.!

  2. hey hey Shahrill… blogging is a nice avenue… i read… that’s like listen… i write, u read/listen. at least u have an avenue to let things out of your chess even if it’s metaphorically speaking. life is full of challenges.. there are there to test our strength. let’s be strong together to face our challenges.

  3. there are times where you just have to believe your own self and defy what others may think even if theirs contradict with your stand ~ agree. what i am doing now.

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