25 comments on “Science Macroteaching (Understanding The Solar System) & Road-Relay Event.

  1. wow…looks like sum1 has been working hard for the microteaching *two thumbs up* too bad me wasn’t there to be one of the year 4 student *wink*

  2. alamakkk…so CUTE!!!!!!!

    Kalau macam ni zara pun nak jadi students la..mesti semua murid syg cikgu2x ni..hensem+kiut sgt!! hehee…

    Well done for the compliments! Nice model solar sytem tu..

  3. Cuna = hola dear!! 😛 awww..first time commenting my blog, eh? really appreciates that! Yeah, kinda into the mood when I did the macro-teaching 🙂

    Apit = huuhuh..terpakse la…

    Myazara = alahai…. heehee

    Sailormoon = erk????

  4. ffuyooo..ramainya aweks!!! kenal bleh hehehe…

    sorry la lama tak tegur..seronot main mafia war!!1 meh la join…

    apa-apa pun cikgu jambu ni memang sapa2 pandang pun ati sejukkkk je kekeehee…

  5. cool!!! wow you really are a teacher lah… you really like your job i can see that… i’m so happy for your Shahrill… hehehe… can’t wait to hear your adventures when u get down here to KL… lots of catching up to do… take care and see you soon, God-willing!

  6. Good job bro.. Keep it up. Ambik la memane yang hang rase patut dlm microteaching session ni untuk dipraktikkan mase praktikum nanti. Paling penting the lecturer’s comments tu. Kene tengok balik and do a self-reflection!! Haha.

    p/s: Mase dok maktab, aku rase borang Refleksi aku dah boleh penuh satu blok asrama. Asyik refleksi je. Kehkehkeh.

    Happy Teacher’s Day. Glad that you are in the club.

    Happy teaching!.

    • Happy Teacher’s Day my dear friend! yeah, I agree…KPLI is just so saturated with self-reflections! Tell me about it! LOLz 🙂

      Sure..doakan aku tabah semasa di praktikal. Rasa cam susah gak tapi Insya Allah… 🙂

      • me too, im against PPSMI as well. Even me, myself take quite some time to converse in English fluently, its not easy as our populace are not helping either. semua cakap bahasa rojak so its not easy 😉

  7. a ah lah… a very belated teachers day to you and all the teachers out there! teach the kids and care for them as your own. do the best for them and for the country and for yourself. from teaching you also learn. in fact you are constantly learning. seasons, trend fashion wave era changes… so u gotta keep up too…i’m sure you realise how different kids are from our yesteryears…teaching is a big responsibility,you can only do so much but at the end of the day, the children you teach will bear the fruits of your labour and they have to live their lives. You have done your part, as long as you’re sincere, your efforts will always be rewarding.

  8. Ni mesti banyak pelajar KPLI tiru idea ni…saya pun carik dalam internet untuk set induksi ni…kekeke tersampai page awak… 🙂

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