16 comments on “The Real ‘Si Tenggang’ In Tok Mat’s Clan : Voodoo & Black Magic!

  1. What a story!. Serius tergamak pakcik mat yee tu buat camtu. Ni la kalau dah nak sangat harta ni.. Sanggup menderhaka pade parents.. Giloss.. Pepun hope tok n wan hang baik2 saja.

  2. Typical kpg Malay yg suka bomoh2 nih la. tula layan sgt Keliwon! I know this is serious. Don’t we all have skeletons in the closet? Believe me, my parents’ siblings pn mcm2 je kes. The latest, one of my uncle bkawen dgn minah Indon (tah2 kna mandrem gak!). He even got the nerve to borrow my father’s money ‘to pay for his car’s monthly installment’ but the truth is he used it to marry that woman!!! Sabo jela…..

  3. i really feel u..seriously..

    My father passed away 3 years ago. The doctor said it was almost as cancer.. ( i didnt really get it, since i was away. At the time i was in Germany)

    When I came back to visit, my auntie pon bukak cerita. She said the way my father died was suspicious. Weeks before he died, one man came to him, yelled and cursed at him and told my father that he wud ‘santau’ the poor guy. Maybe they argued about something but what I don’t get is.. What could it be that he could say such a thing or do such a thing? Right?

    Dipendekkan cerita.. My relatives believed that my dad died cause of ‘santau’. There were many occurances that made them believed so. I didnt ask for details since i was so devastated at the people and the belief in Black Magic itself. What else could I do or say? I was away and wasn’t there with him. It really did a number on me.. It still does.

    I hope everything’s gona be fine on ur side. Don’t worry. Kite tawakal kat Allah swt. Believe in HIM and trust HIM that everything is gona be just fine. I believe, semua benda jadik..ada hikmahnya..


  4. Muzem = I know! tergamak dia buat macam tu kan? memang anak si tenggang betul la..dah la anak kesayangan ditatang mcm minyak penuh.. nak kawin org bagi duit, dah takda rumah menumpang 10 tahun plak tu..boleh dia buat mcm tu kata org tua dia?? and nak bomohkan kakak n abg ipar????? Semoga Allah SWT melindungi keluarga aku…Ya Allah!!~

    Nzard = yeah, I second you!! It’s so typical, aite?? I just wish some how I wasn’t in that typicality but goodness knows this ‘black goat’ buat pasai plak!!!~ And talk about ur uncle; actually I dah dengar byk gak yg kena cam tu….

    Nobody = OH my..thank you for sharing your story..it’s just alleviating to know that someone actually feels me you know!~ I’m soo sorry to hear that your father died most possibly because of these evillish voodoo-santau thingies.. All we can do now is to pray to Allah SWT for His Protection…Insya Allah…I hope all of you pray for our well-beings as well so that this evillish intention doesn’t work…Ya Allah….

  5. *speechless.. ni la org mlayu.. mmg LAYU.. hmm.. malu jd org mlayu if prangai mcm ni kn?? tp kutuk xguna.. u xbkak pekung di dada.. but bg pngajaran kt smua.. n blog mmg tmpat tbaik utk luah.. u doa byk2.. senjata org mukmin adalah DOA.. insyaALLAH ALLAH akn bntu.. byk2 bserah.. n jgn takut dgn dark magic tu.. bknnye power pn.. tp ingt DOA.. kwn2 yg lain pn akn tlg doakn ur family rill.. k?? hmm.. *sbnarnye i takut dgn bomoh2 ni..* tgk crite congkak, jgn pndang blakang.. takut..!! mmg nyata.. n my family pn pnh kene.. biasela.. org bniaga.. but kite jgn plak bls dgn gune bomoh gk.. but balas gune ISLAM.. hmm.. juz pndapat.. mybe korg juz kne ignore pak cik mat yee tu.. sbb org yg mrh akn reda if kite xlayan die.. kn?? hmm.. mybe die tgh mrh.. hopefully, everything gonna be ok.. but if die da ok nnT bwaspada.. sbb kite da knal prangai die mcmane.. p/s:sowi lmbt bace coz tenet kt indon ni bodoh!!! hehe.. take care rill.. n dun wori much.. ckp kt mak u, org jahat mmg lmbt mati.. mcm dlm crite hindustan.. hehe.. kite kne bjuang smpai mati.. i rase quote yg paling sesuai utk situation u “mlayu mudah lupe” hak3.. *mngarut je* 🙂

  6. Sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, amalkan doa-doa dan ayat pendinding seperti 4 qul setiap hari..biasa la shahril, bila iman tiada di dalam..perkara syirik jadi amalan..

  7. Tak berhati perut langsung pakcik tu…

    awak janganlah risau atau sedih..cakap kat Mak ngan Ayah berdoa pada Allah SWt..awak pun berdoa kepada-Nya..


  8. Semoga keluargamu dijauhi mala petaka. Banyak berdoa kpd Allah dan byk beramal. Insya Allah, sihir ni dpt dielak.

    Just be alert. Jgn terima anything from that uncle of yours. for the sake of safety.

  9. you better take care well Shahrill… I feel bad reading this… I know how that feels… there are betrayers in family and it happens… and yeah it’s common that families wanna keep it to themselves…I don’t agree but my mom is like your mom too…I pray that you will be safe from harm, you and your family and all the rest who are innocence, may God keep u away from the wrath of this terrible Pak Cik Mat Yee.amen.

  10. Kecekapan : tue la..Insya Allah Ihsan..

    Terapi Islam : TQ Asrul..Tue la, risau gak..teringat hang ada kepakaran dlm bidang ilmu-ilmu nie..Insya Allah…

    Munsyi-Sama : I appreciate all the soothing thoughts and words..TQ… 🙂

    Kat : I know..Totally!~ He’s just the most ruthless fucking bastard!!!!! argh!!! I can’t stop being angry thinking abt him!

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