22 comments on “A Night Rendezvous With Ms Kitty Kat.

  1. kalo nk rasa eskrim haagen daz (whatever the right spelling is), mai le kt auto-city (kuar exit Juru). aku blanja, hg bayar okeh? looking forward to Transformer 2 !!!!

  2. OMG… i feel so aggravated after reading your post. m really looking forward to congregate with u. y on earth i couldn’t do so? tak puas hati betu la.. 😦

  3. Thanks for the ice-cream Shahrill! It was nice to get to see the flavours we used to pick during out Baskin Robin’s day indulgence – hokey pokey and pistachio almond reminds us of Efi. Then there’s my favourite Chocolate Mousse Royale but i end up taking another kind of Chocolate yesterday and so did you. hehehe… Thumbs up to everything Chocolate! hehehe… always a pleasure to have u around. To friendship! cheers!

    ~kitty k8~

  4. Roarrrrrrr

    uish mkn aiskelim ka???? meh nak suap meh muka lapo je Rill nih… hehe ok

  5. sorry lama x singgah sinie… seems you are enjoying yourself to the fullest now compared last time in bank 🙂

    Great to c that cutie face smiling.. you are a sure favorite teacher in skool bro!!! 😛

  6. Ini tulah yg dinamakan kehidupan..kawan yang terbaik adalah yang setia semasa susah dan senang..

    Tapi mungkin ada yg sibuk dgn kehidupan seharian dan tak sempat menjengah kot…

    Apa-apa juga keadaan, harus bijak pilih kawan dan hargai kawan yg ada. jika tidak, hidup akan keseorangan…

  7. Always enjoy reading your adventure about life and friends…
    Your friend is cute also my friend… send regards to her will you? hehe

    Last but not least, ever consider modeling???? 🙂

    Sorin 90210

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