13 comments on “A Twilight Tete-A-Tete With Syafique @ Jitra, Kedah.

  1. Assalamualaikum,

    You really have a way with writing and expressing your thoughts. Impressive and expressive πŸ™‚ Keep up the writing!

    By the way, you look so cute!!! You are not the same age as your friend, are you not? πŸ˜› Very young looking!

  2. kiutnyer Rill…hohoh..tapi kurus la skarang berbanding gamba2 dulu…
    mamcam adik kawan je tangkap gambar tepi tue..
    hengat makan banyak2 taw…cikgu cute πŸ˜›

  3. Aww shucks…hehehe… thanks for my brief compliment up there… yeah it’s a wonder, after being robbed… Syafique Ghaus came over to pay u a visit. that’s nice of him.

  4. Kitty & Marina : wow….3 years passes….hahahaha aku dha gemok dah la marina…hahaha, kate, always πŸ™‚

    Pamala : erk? I just use the already prepared layout πŸ™‚

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