24 comments on “J’Adore.

  1. yeah… complaining is just being human… never satisfied with what we have… hehehe… gotta learn to lessen on that i guess… i’m speaking for myself too…

  2. human are not perfect.. we are human.. hihi.. 🙂
    but one thing i know.. “love is like a wind.. we can’t see it.. but we can feel it” so, jOm kite loving each other!! cheeewwaaahhh.. 🙂

  3. ni gamba angelina jolie geget pisau plak?…Hang ni mesti suka ganaih nih….####@ 😉

  4. ko mmg minat gila dgn si angelina ni ekk?

    kira kipass-ssuah-mati ye? Mata pun dah macam die dah..ganas tapi seksi..

    menten kejambuan hehehe..mesti ko dah bosan dengar semua cakap muka jambu kan????? Itulah kebenarannya cik adik *guling-guling*

  5. Oui…c’est magnifique!

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  6. kalau puas, sure takde apa nak dah lepas ni…tak puas tu bagus gak..boleh mem’perfectkan lagi sst…mengelokkan tp x berlebihan, dan not togha..

  7. kita x akan puas apa yg kita miliki. Kita harus bersyukur apa yg kita miliki. untuk memiliki sesuatu dgn cara betul ia tidak salah sama sekali.
    cute = kejambuan. hahahahahaaha

  8. “And sometimes when you are already accustomed to defend yourself, your inner alter-ego becomes icy and egocentric. You are defensive. Because you always stand on the axis that no one can help you except of yourself.”

    – tHAT quoatation is deep bro..it really is. I enjoy yoiur blog not only you talk about your life but also the full of inspiration and motivation.
    Keep it up, bro!

  9. Aubrey : Thank you..your soothing alleviating comment really make my day. i appreciate that immensely Aubrey. deep down 🙂

    Benjamin : Yea..she is. And so am I. *LOL*

    Rama-Rama : Oh…hehe..thnaks..senang je. Mcm wat frienster semua la..

  10. Ramai sungguh yg komen blog Rill ni… pandai Rill tulis dalam english ya.. nanti bleyh ajar Remy 😉

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