6 comments on “No More Than An Amuse?

  1. same goes to me yen…most of the time i would alwiz be there when ever my so-called pal or buddies need me. but in return the ignore me at the time i need then the most. juz let them be. they would never understand.

  2. writing does help to ease one’s heart endearing. and an amuse? so, dont let youself be treated as one!

  3. well… i’ve probably grew accustom to being lonely here in KL. nobody really around as opposed to those days when we were in campus… i hide, i keep quiet and sometimes i didn’t choose to be on my own but end up becoming someone’s or a group’s outcast… but hey, life is a stage, we have our roles to play. if you’re an amuse, so are the rest of the world as i’ve mentioned earlier, the world is a stage.. don’t take it seriously, at times we have to joke about ourselves… and laugh at ourselves…

  4. As much as one person leave certain remarks to another, one person should probably think about other person and put self in their shoes if the remarks were for them…

    Time constraint, life….too little time too be mourned and emotional. Repetition of love is not a must to be said…

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