7 comments on “Life Goes On In The World Of Fiasco.

  1. HUHoo…..ooo…takde lain ke dari kesah pelacur ni Rill??

    Jgn jadi pelacur dah le….yeyeye….kekekkeeh…

  2. guess you’re not coming down to KL then? no worries… understandable… health first… erm i’m wondering what’s wrong with admiring the story of the Geisha? geez…. I think it’s your prerogative…

    Anyways… yeah life goes on… i’ll be going to USM to attend NAzri’s convo this Sat and just chill… COnvex is on again and the happening time of the year is here again! if you’re free do drop by Penang k.

    mai penang ah… tak jauh dr jitra dah… eelekkeke…

  3. Everyone….thanks for dropping by and yes Kat, IT IS MY PREROGATIVE! Hahaha..then again, it’s their prerogative to siphon out what they think, eh? Hehehe..quid pro quo. 🙂 😛

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