9 comments on “Assumptions & Prejudices Amongst The Constellation.

  1. From what you wrote, I believe the intense feeling comes from the uncertainty you faced based on your evaluators comment.

    Alhamdulillah, I also believe that you’ve done your level best for this particular session as well. From my point of view as an external observer (chewah perasan). I would say different people shall be impressed by different potential constituent. In simple words, another evaluator might gave u a different remark based on your performance as he/she might be fascinated by your mechanization. You get what I mean, Yen? It takes more than a bait before you rest your fishing rod .

    I don’t want to be bias but I guess that remarks will help to boost up your spirit to strive for more in return. Well, the remark did say that your delivery method is getting more exciting and enthusiastic right? 🙂

    Yen, never stop picking your best bait for each and every throw towards the boundless sea. Remember, when there’s a will, there must always be a way.

    I would always pray for your happiness and success pal. Just keep on fishing, you will soon be there insyaAllah.

  2. Cuna : TQ dear..yeah it makes sense that different evaluator sees from different perspective. Then again, it’s just the accolade I yearn most I guess. This paranoia emotion really burns me to attempt more vigorous and better lesson but at the same time, it’s a demotivation. Still, like what my friend Raymond said – “Life is not easy. But take it easy”. 🙂

  3. Erm..something to be pondered here. Doesn’t mean if you think you are good, your lecturer think you are good… True enough a good and dedicated teacher but maybe not good enough to be nominated as ‘cemerlang’? And like you’ve said, different lecturer is of different opinion and like what your friend said, ‘mechanization’.

    But then again, all of these thoughts are only based on your wildest guess. Rill, you like to think to much and speculate about things that sometime beyond your presence setting (I can tell after been reading your blog for 2 yeas ++ since banking years, eh?). Just chill.. just cool down. Hold down your horse and breath….. Relax.. I am sure your students appreciate your efforts and they appreciate that, I can tell.

    And of course, there is no easy job/ career in this world. Being a soldier/army (whatever you want to call it) also is not an easy one. We do or we die. It is always perseverance and dedication that keep us alive, Rill…

    Have a nice day and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubaraq. 🙂

  4. Aku percaya ko dah buat yang terbaik. Pengiktirafan cemerlang itu bukanlah indikator total untuk menilai sejauh mana kebestarian ko sebagai seorang guru. Yang penting juga ialah nawaitu yang ikhlas untuk mendidik anak bangsa dan memartabat tugas sebagai seorang penddik yang mulia. Memang la kita kerja untuk pelbagai faktor lain seperti untuk menyara kehidupan diri dan keluarga, untuk mendapatkan kepuasan dan mencabar kebolehan dan kebijaksanaan diri sendiri. Tapi tanamkanalah dalam jiwa bahawa kerja itu sebagai ibadah dan laksanakanlah ia dengan penuh tanggungjawab dan ikhlas. InsyaAllah ko akan dapat pengiktirafan yang lebih hebat berlipat kali ganda daripada Cemerlang itu…

  5. Leftenan Muda : yeah, I appreciate that…Insya Allah 😛

    Cokelat : TQ!

    Dr. chemistry : TQ for that soothing comment 🙂

    Yuna : 🙂

    Naz : Ya Insya Allah. Keikhlasan sentiasa menjadi pedoman tapi kadangkala pengiktrafan penting membuka mata pandangan insan lain…

    Lentera Timur : Itu video yg saya dpt dari You-tube…

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