6 comments on “A Message For My SK Sultanah Asma Pupils.

  1. It is a pity that the children of today, despite them getting smarter and smarter as compared to those of yesterday, unfortunately the respect for their teachers is going the opposite direction. This is to be regretted.

    I was also educated in an all-girls school. Primary and then Secondary.I know when a new teacher is present, pupils are curios to get to know the teacher and find out information about him/her. Yes, generally human beings are a curious lot. But i think there has to be space for everyone. Mr. Shahrill is your teacher and you must respect him as one and respect the line he draws between u and him. You all are young ladies and I think u should understand where you stand, have a bit of dignity. Stalking him isn’t ethical. That sounds bad doesn’t it? Shame, shame… Celebrities sue people for stalking them. They don’t feel comfortable and I’m sure if you are in their situation you would feel agitated and irritated and uncomfortable as well as scared every step you take if the paparazzis were to haunt u.

    Since you want to be treated as adults, then if you are one, I’m sure you can understand what I’m talking about because I’m writing in an adult manner. If you can’t take this advise and understand the gist of this message, that means you are not eligible just yet to be treated as an adult. This is a constructive criticism not intentionally intended to degrade anybody but as an advise to you young ladies to treat Mr. Shahrill right and most importantly (as they say in the working ADULT world) BE PROFESSIONAL. You – STUDENT, Mr. Shahrill – TEACHER.

    I hope you get that message here ladies. Mr. Shahrill is just doing his job, doing the best that he can be to impart knowledge to you. He’s got his style. Treat him nicely, you only have 3 more weeks with him. YES, he’s not your PERMANENT teacher but doesn’t mean you should disrespect him for that matter. Respect your teacher and someday the blessing will come back to you two-three fold. I bet you. take care and good luck with UPSR and your student life!Cheers~

  2. I agree with what KittyKat said. Kids nowadays are so unbearable! They think they know everything but honestly they don’t. Kids will always be kids. Unmatured. LOL!! 😛

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