9 comments on “A Malay Dilemma : Confluence of Rural & Urban.

  1. You speak your mind and I have so much respect for that

    But it is normal for people to go out to clubs and to hear music and have fun… But I can tell you are very good person with family who love you so much. That is why you are not easily influenced by all the club scenes.

    And you are a virgin? sure? hahaha… A virgin with that cute face??? I am sure there are a lot of people queing up to…. POP THE CHERRY!

    huihuihuihui..jangan maraaa…cepat tua nanti cikgu kiut 😉

  2. panjangnya awak menulis, tapi memang ada isinya! Muka awakcomel sangat – ada pekej , rupa dan pandai!

    keep up the good work! lolololol =p

  3. well, first of all people always re wondering how come I can speak BM so fluently…and I also mix with lots of people from all walks of life, different culture and norm and work. Urban and rural; two different cultures and sometimes merged in between. I disagree that only urbanised people live the ways you mentioned; as I have witnessed and came across rural people doing the same. While there are also very pious and narrow minded “urbanites” too, and sometimes worse than the “ruralians”. I do agree though that urban surrounding could offer all the deteriorating factors to one’s moral nevertheless sometimes the surrounding make people better in certain aspects. However, on the part that certain quarter of the “world” condemn teaching as a not-so-great career, never mind that; just ask them to reflect how did they end up to where they are now.

  4. loquacious sounds bodacious enough…lol! it’s been a while since i came here but damn, the leftenan muda guy really getting on my nerve. can’t we flag him or something???

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