7 comments on “When Chicken Pox Pays A Visit : Bless In Disguise.

  1. well…you need to alienate yourself fr the ladies esp…the preggers. Will cause deadly harm to the embryo …just pls don’t hide fr them be honest and ask them to stay away from you..this is friendly advice s you dont want to refrain fr the course.

  2. Queenbee : Yes I did and I been sitting alone on the bench alone and keep hurried away if the sessions are over. I neither approach them nor associate with them. Thanks for the friendly advice.

  3. Askm Shahrill,
    i advice u go to clinic to get medications. and im sure they will give you tablets called Acyclovir which is antiviral agent virless tablet. it’s the best way for u to keep ur chicken pox not spreading all over ur body and face. But u need to take it before 24-48hours after u got this contigous disease.

    I just got recover from chicken pox and contracted with this disease last 4th nov. Alhamdulillah feeling better now and just need to vanish all these polka dots on my body and some on my face.

    and by the way, put some calamine lotion to ease the itching on ur skin. Insya’Allah you’ll be fine. 🙂

  4. i got chicken pox last year, during fasting month and at that time i was sitting for an english exam (very big one)..it was horrible and i failed that exam..just be patient and dun forget to take the calamine lotion..very useful..

  5. Nazmie : TQ for everything. I appreciate the advices and your soothing words back then, TQ! 🙂

    Azizan : Indeed..I can’t imagine your situation back then.. but alhamdulilah, everything’s back to alright… 🙂

    Lentera : time kasih..:)

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