6 comments on “‘Cemerlang’ Accolade & KPLI in IPGMs : The Final Act.

  1. Well, first of all the marking system is confined to the marking scheme. Markers need to follow the answer guide in the case of expanded writing section. MCQ would be either right or wrong. So there’s no marking by ‘feelings’ nor there could be any bias sentiment as the markers don’t even know whose papers they’re marking. But I can tell you 1 thing for sure..either the marker is lenient to accept certain off track answers or he could be very strict following only the marking scheme.
    Regarding proficiency of the English language and BM exam questions…honestly I have mared both English & BM answer scripts for IP; regardless the not so good command of English, the ones who answer in English could do better than those who attempted in BM. Sometimes when you could write more eloquently, you tend to go off the track hence : doesn’t answer the question asked.
    Regarding the remarks tht were made when you 1st stepped in IPGM:
    it’s kinda cliche for those who said those remarks.
    And I hope you still recall what I said to you all inSn 1, to prove them wrong and be a good teacher IF you can’t be great.
    So ignore whatever torments and try to be the best that you could.
    I have faith in you to be a great English teacher in the futire. You should pursue a master in TESL next.
    Paint your own room. So that you will see a colourful picture ahead.

  2. Queenbee : The marking scheme I was referring to is not the usual paper-multiple choices. It is more of the evaluation conducted by lecturers based on observation and recommendation per se which I strongly believe depends on subjective parameters. Of course there are certain standard being put as the guidance but in the end, there’s always the ‘humanistic’ elements to cloud the judgment. As for the written ones, no questions or defying on it as they are blacks-and-whites. Either you got or you don’t.

    As for English question-answering, I feel lot better and more comfortable with my English in my current capability rather than answering the questions if I were sucks at it. That’s all I highlighted.

    And as for the cliche comments, of course they weren’t leprosy on us! It’s just that it become so stale and hackneyed and make us all wondering- were these lecturers confining some embedded dissatisfaction or merely threaten by the pre-KPLI posts hold by these students and prefer to succumb to satirical approaches to unleash their itchy acidic words? Nonetheless, students try to restrain themselves from disgracing these lecturers due to the position- as a student, one ought to respect their teachers. But we didn’t see the otherwise (not all; the sloppy-mouthed only).

    On whole, I sincerely appreciate whatever knowledge you had conveyed to my friends and I and also to all the PROFESSIONAL lecturers who taught us. Thank you. May God Bless You, teachers of teachers 🙂

    Anna & Leftenan Muda : Thanks…

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