8 comments on “Rated X : Russian Roulette Rosary.

  1. like i mentioned in your facebook – life is full of surprises… so we have to learn to anticipate it… I cry too and after crying, I feel i am stronger in some sense… maybe because i siphon it out through the tears… it does help. cry when u feel like it, let it out. hang on sturdily to life because it has a lot of offer – just don’t think all is good but nothing wrong about being positive about it. alone we crumble, together we triumph. peace ~ u have my ears. take care Shahrill!

  2. Kiity K8 : Yes indeed..Kat, I treasure you and thanks for being sucha good friend! friendship forever! 🙂 And life does teach a lot. Have to be strong to navigate it.. 🙂

    Dorothy : really??? Thanks! 🙂

  3. I love reading your self-reflection entries. Very motivational and deep. This blog is something that everyone can relate to yet is scare to share or write with anyone else. I love the way you put the darkness element into the writing and it blends so well with the message you were trying to share.

    Can’t wait for more to come!

  4. Shahrill Ramli,

    Everything you write here is honest and the choices of words are incredible. I have to refer to dictionary quite a few times as I am browsing this blog. Well done!

  5. Hi Shahril, you had a good skill and good word in your blog..nice to read and i can feel it along your journey and your feeling..kee it up..i will read it from time to time..great and good luck always bro.

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