8 comments on “From Creole To Bayou : “The Princess & The Frog” Premiere. Annual Year-End Penang Fiesta.

  1. hola, good to hear you hit penang every now and then… ala2 makan seekor ayam Mr Kenny Roger laa… tu yang best sangat… i hope you finished the whole chicken because they look so tantalizing and luscious with the dark brown thick gravy… nyum nyum har har har… so, out of 10, how many points you wanna give to this cartoon???

  2. OMG! you are so damn cute!!! You must be very popular among friends because it seems you are always having fun all the time!!!!

  3. berminyak? duh! of course berminyak when you are in Penang spending the whole day back and fro! I guess little missy Amira never read between the lines!

    By the way, I did go to Pesta Penang also. It was a lot of fun! Went there with my auntie and uncle. They live in Bukit Dumbar. You know the place? I think it’s near USM.

    Good piece this one 🙂

  4. Seus : Efy!!!! Hahhaa, I didn’t really like go there often but this Penang visit is like my first in this year. So, you can imagine how long it has been, aite? Yeah, the chickens very tantalzing..I love roasted meats! 😛 Anyway, like I mentioned, I give 4 outta 5 la for Disney for ‘bringing back the animated groove’ 🙂 Douncheywar! 😛

    Harimau : dengan kawan la abg….aiya..

    Manohara : really? hey, nice NICK you put here. From indonesia?

    Amira : When YOU travel by bus in Penang, see whther your face berminyak or not hahaha!

    Nerina : geez, thanks dear 🙂

    Mira Edora : Of course! Bukit Dumbar is just nearby to USM 🙂 Thanks for the comments yeah 🙂

    Beautiful Stranger : “Creole” is a term coined to describe French-colonized Americans. Usually in Southern US. Beyonce Knowles is one Creole-descent Black American.

    “Bayou” is a swampy area with trees and willows (if not mistaken). Anyway, you can always check the Internet for both explanation. I suggest Wikipedia! 🙂

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