10 comments on “Welcome To Serendah : Provincial. Mythical. Tranquil.

  1. Touche! This is almost near to what you wished for, not that far fr PJ. I couldn’t imagine what would you be like if you’re posted to remote area like where Aidi is…
    However, rural or outskirt schools need people like you to brush up their English. What I mean is you have the potential to rejuvenate the pupils’ interest to learn as you’re fresh and young. With your God given talent and fluency of the English language, I am sure you would be able to make an impact there.No matter where you are, really.
    Happy exploring the jungle out there,

  2. I’m sure if you’re thrown anywhere, you can survive. If you’re passionate enough of your job. Don’t worry too much ok. I’m sure things will fall into place in time. There’s always a season for everything. Change is inevitable, it is a sign of constant evolution. welcome to Serendah(near KL!)

  3. This is akin to the time when Chris Columbus first sets his foot onto the ‘New Land’….just kidding….LOL! Great to see you finally settling in. Haven’t been to your blog here for quite some time. That’s because I was busy geeking/nerding out as usual….(can’t stop growing older, but growing up is OPTIONAL!)… :p

  4. nzard : english and science!

    KK : sure TQ 🙂

    The Rebel : hey, it’s not that ‘tranquil”! Hahhaha, it’s a small town. You’ll be surprised to know that this place is far better than those rural places where few of my friends are deported to. That one I guarantee will make your comparison with ‘New World’ seemingly uncanny 🙂 No wonder haven’t got your updates for ages! kinda miss your comments and shout outs! 🙂

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