47 comments on “Mengapa Saya Menjadi Guru? : Transkripsi Telus Tinta Tulus.

  1. G-spot : Anda :

    1) keluaran IPTA yang menghabiskan 3-4 tahun di universiti untuk kos perguruan tetapi akhirnya diketepikan oleh kerajaan untuk KPLI?

    2) keluaran maktab-maktab lama?

    3) Berhati dengki dan busuk dengan kerjaya profesionalisme lama pelajar-pelajar KPLI? Atau hanya mampu komen dalam blog ini apabila ditulis bahasa Malaysia kerana lemah Bahasa Inggeris?

    Saya ikhlas mengajar. Nawaitu saya dengan Allah SWT. And by the way, etika kerja saya lebih baik daripada orang lama kerana saya mendapat pendedahan berkerja dalam swasta dan saya aplikasikan dalam kerajaan.

    Siapa G-Spot? Orang yang sebenarnya saya kenali tetapi berselindung di sebalik nama samaran la dey!!~ Poodah! Bahasa kelas bawahan mencerminkan minda kelas takuk lama.

  2. hahaha… gaya menegur orang tu memang tidak profesional.. ibarat budak yg tiada pendidikan.. ure on target shahrill!! hihi

  3. Shahrill pedulikan je si G-spot ni. Biaq pi la dia dan orang-orang yang bermentaliti macam ni terus menyalak dan suke cari kesalahan orang lain. Aku pun rase cam hang rasa, aku yakin si G-spot ni orang yang hang kenai. Ade la tu mane-mane ni.. Serius aku rase kesian dengan orang macam ni. Siape ko nak terus menjatuhkan hukum yg kami golongan KPLI tak pandai ajar dan profesional? Malas aku nak bertegang leher pasal benda ni. Baik aku habiskan mase aku dengan mencari bahan-bahan pengajaran yg menarik supaya proses pengajaran aku berjalan lancar dan dapat menghasilkan modal insan yang jauh lebih baik dari minda kelas bawahan mcm si G-spot ni.

    a note to ponder; yang peliknye, most of the teasers came out from our own race.. other race support us. aku tak jumpe lagi kawan-kawan aku yg bangse lain yang dok kata kpli ni teruk@tak pro.. sume sokong.. huhu. fikir-fikirkan dan selamat beramal 🙂

  4. Sejujurnya berkata:-
    (1)Pelajar KPLI ada yg ikhlas, ada yg tak..
    (2)Tapi kebanyakan pelajar KPLI adalah ikhlas dari yg tak..
    (3)Yang ikhlas perlu diberi peluang, betul tak..
    (4)Kita perbetulkan dan tingkatkan kredibiliti pelajar KPLI, ok tak..


  5. betul tu.. di mana-mana pun ada dua golongan… ikhlas dan tidak. terpaksa atau rela. dont judge people. care and know urself first…

  6. No matter where & when was the teacher produced, no matter how long he/she was trained, and no matter how good the training being done, if there is no sincerity, full of jealousy, hatred, and all bad thought, its mean that, the teacher should not go on as a teacher. It’s jeopardizing our children’s future.

    We need more people who has big personality, creative, great mind, focus, ready to face the world and to run with time to be the admired person among society, as a real teacher

  7. pendengki mmg bnyk ky dunia nie,,
    abaikan ja,,mOga hidup kita sntiasa mendapat berkat
    atas keikhlasan yg kita hulurkan..

  8. Dude, honestly I salute you for what you have done… Being a teacher, Our country is in need of good teacher like you.. Not many can teach, my mother used to say that Teaching is an art and to have such talent is God’s gift.. Well I have just sat for the Mtest n I really hope I will make through.. ur story has been a great inspiration for me.. Thank you so much

  9. Hi there, how are you? I am really overwhelmed today as I was selected for the KPLI Interview in IPBA (KL) on 28th April..Bro, I am in need of your advice..how do I prepare myself for the interview, it would be really kind of you to share your experience and opinion. Thank you.

  10. Akash : really? I am so happy for you. I don’t know if I am eligible to give you any advice but of course based from my experience, please DO make sure all the documents needed for verification are brought! You don’t want what happened to me happen to you!! *refer to my blog entry of August 2008 during my KPLI interview *

    Secondly, just take it easy and answer the panels’ questions diligently. Some of them might provoke you by asking cliche question like :

    “Why you are applying for KPLI?
    You don’t have a job?
    You already have a good commendable job, Why wanna become teacher?
    Teacher is easy, huh?”

    They might also wanna relate to what you studied during University to teaching. As for me, I did microbiology. So, the panel went like : “You are a Microbiology undergraduate yet you are to teach primary school. What’s the relevance?”

    I answered “Science isn’t all about the application. Microbiology is indeed an advance scientific knowledge for primary school and there is no way I will ever be able to introduce that to them in-depth. But the essence of science is there. With my solid basic knowledge in science, I can strengthen their basic knowledge in science. That’s what matter, right?”

    – Moral of the story; be bold yet polite to the panel. You will weather the interview with flying colours! GOOD LUCK and I pray for your success, Insya Allah 😉

  11. I am more than glad to receive your reply, my option is English and I am an undergraduate with business degree, however I have teaching experience of more than a year in a private institution. Your advice have been an eye opener for me as I am sure that it is about being outstanding and the qualities I should embody for the profession. Thank you so much and wishing you all the best too for your future. Take care

  12. Oh God! It is indeed a nerve-racking moment that you went through during your interview..Miracles do happen and you should be really thankful to your father and sister.. God never let down those who believe HIS presence.

  13. Well dude, do you have any idea about what I should pen down on the “Hasrat and Sumbangan menjadi guru.” The instruction asked to write briefly however I am really confused do I need to be specific or just a general statement?. Thank you

  14. Akash : Indeed. Oh about that; you must write sincerely what’s your aspiration and why you wanna become teachers. Past experiences as tutor or teachers can be written as back-ups 🙂 I think specific is the better

  15. Thank you so much dude, I just started to get done with my documents certification. I need to spend sometime with the writing as I wish to express my genuine and sincere opinion on this profession, I am so thankful to you. God bless you

  16. saya pun minat gak profession perguruan ni….walaupun masih lepasan spm minat dan keputusan yang agk baik dlm spm. saya tlh dipanggil untuk temuduga kplspm bagi pendidikan islam sekolah rendah. ini membuatkan saya dlm dilema untuk memilih sama ada universiti atau ipg

  17. Hi there, I am done with the interview last Wednesday at IPBA, KL.. Thanks to you for being a great motivator and I was able to portray myself as a balanced individual. I did well for the interview and now I just have to pray and keep my finger crossed. Really hope to share a good news with you soon.

  18. Many more happy returns of the day, may all your dreams become true and showered by GOD’s blessing… Take care

  19. Gd evening Bro, I would like to share a good a news with you. I was selected for KPLI, IPG Kampus Raja Melewar, Seremban, Pengajian Bahasa Inggeris. I am so thankful to you and you have been a great motivator for me to take the path into this noble profession. GOD BLESS YOU

  20. salam shahril, jika seseorang graduan amek 1st degree in business admin …boleh tak agaknya dia mohon kpli mengajar english… jika boleh, saya teringin mencuba kerana saya rasa saya juga InsyaAllah boleh menjadi guru yg baik spt shahril kerana saya jenis yg ikhlas dlm buat sesuatu, tak dipuji pun saya tak kisah, humble & God-fearing … can u give me advice bout this?

  21. Emphatical : salam….bagus! jangan takut dan gentar untuk meneroka alam pendidikan…mmm, saya takde apa nasihat yg nak diberi sbb masih setahun jagung dalam dunia pendidikan tapi setahu saya, kalau degree business selalu dapat Pendidikan Khas.

    Kalau nak apply English, saya dgr kena ada degree TESL baru diberi keutamaan sbb first saya try saya apply ENglish tapi x dapat. Bila saya apply science sbb saya lulusan mirobiology, saya dapat. Tapi ikut nasib/luck/kuota jugak kot sbb ada jugak senior colleagues saya yg bukan TESL tapi dapat English!

  22. Emphatical: You don’t have to worry at all, I had my 1st degree in Finance and I applied for English and I got it.. My lecturers from IPG told for the January intake of KPLI, Option English will be given priority so All the best to you and prepare yourself well.

  23. Been perusing the blog and I have got to tell you that you English is so powerful and enchanting. A bilingual master, are you?

    Well done. Extravagant vocabulary

  24. Akash: would U mind to share with me what U wrote for ur “hasrat n sumbangan menjadi guru” and all d Qs bn asked to U during d interview?? kindly pls help me as i will hv an interview coming 15th Dec…pls???

    • siti: I am so sorry for this late reply, caught up with some short notice stuffs. First of all, congrats! Alright for the ” hasrat and sumbangan’ just pen down anything that comes out from your heart, put yourself as a teacher and you will get the answer. Focus on your contribution to this profession, student as well as for the society. For interview be prepared with current issues in our country and focus on education affairs, be prepared also for micro-teaching because you will be asked to do so. ALL THE BEST and believe in yourself that you can make the difference.

  25. Wow, your blog has inspire other people. I guess you have fulfilled your ambition in inspiring others and giving good to them….your English like what those people say, are so GOOD. Even TESL graduate cannot match with yours, honestly.

    Keep up the good writing! Always be the loyal reader 🙂

  26. salam sharill..
    esok sy bakal menduduki ujian Medsi bg program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan (ISMP)…
    kisah yang awak ni, ada jugak dalam diri saya…
    saya ni lebih berminat nak keje dala m bidang perbankan sebab mak abah pun dalam bidang perbankan…
    tapi mak abah lebih galakan saya tuk memohon ISMP..
    cuma 1 jer yang saya takut jika saya lulus ujian ni dan bakal di temuduga…bila temuduga sudah pasti kena berbahasa inggeris..saya ni pun cakap inggeris yang simple2 jer tu pun kalau tak gemuruh..
    tapi saya tak yakin macam saya akan lulus ujian tu..lagipun saya dah tersalah faham antara ujian medsi dan KPLI… ='(

  27. Tahniah kerana anda mempunyai kesedaran awal tentang tanggungjawab sebagai warga pendidik….kami di institusi sgt2 mengalu2kan pelajar KPLI yg sebegini.

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