8 comments on “The Time Of The First Song : Freeing Secret Eyes Like Mine.

  1. it would be okay to feel uncertain of our self at times.. the best part is when we seek the answer from the Almighty. 🙂 The divine book is the best remedy too. Subhanallah.

  2. Finally, the new posting posted on air… :p

    Shahril, Human tend to forget when they feel comfort with something. But Allah never forget us. Allah created something just to let us remember the Creator. But we seldomly will only realize when we r in trouble. May Allah bless us always.

    Btw, it’s worth it to wait for the new posting although it may take some quite time…

  3. A rare packaging, you are. Your face is as beautiful as your heart. Very rare…

    Those who have the chance to get to know you closer and deeper must be very lucky, I believe.

  4. Cuna : yes dear..I do believe that is…. Subhanallah!

    Nir & Azhan : Thanks for the kind words…Insya Allah 🙂

    Razali : Hahhaa, always have nice words to say, eh? Thanks. I am glad you savor my mind. I appreciate that immensely 🙂

    Harshen : oh my! That’s too far-fetched. I am not that. hehhe..But I appreciate that anyhow. 🙂

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