10 comments on “Grave : My Picture Is Stolen AGAIN. This time in Facebook. :(((

  1. what happen??? Sorry to hear that..maybe the person likes you or admire you 🙂

    Block this blog?????? Mean I cannot come here anymore…

  2. warm greeting from kawie2020…

    this is my 1st time here… a nice blog… keep it up..:)

    May be they’re think your pic too awesome, that why your picture have been stolen and created a fake profile in FB.

    Ordinary pictures can be stolen, real personality of you cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you..

    Just careful with your pictures in cyber world…

  3. Renoma : takde maknanya kalau perbuatan khianat..

    Sky : thanks for the caring words

    kawie 2020 : Sigh…I know..it’s a real jungle outthere; cyber world I mean. People can manipulate anything, aite? Thanks for the words…

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