7 comments on “Unfathomable : Too Good To Be True? Signs From Heaven.

  1. dont ponder too long in it. read the QUran, zikir and be in wudhu all night tonight.. cos u need God with u.. i am with u pape..

  2. The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.

    This is a life… full of happiness and sadness and its make us to be a better person if we’re learning from it.

    Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad…

    be strong bro… u can do it…

  3. Beyonce – “Ave Maria.”

    She was lost in so many different ways
    Out in the darkness with no guide
    I know the cost of a losing hand… See More
    Never thought the grace of God go high

    I found heaven on earth
    You were my last, my first
    And then I hear this voice inside
    Ave Maria

    I’ve been alone when I’m surrounded by friends
    How could the silence be so loud?
    But I still go home knowing that I’ve got you
    There’s only us when the lights go down

    You are my heaven on earth
    You are my hunger, my thirst
    I always hear this voice inside
    Singing Ave Maria

    Sometimes love can come and pass you by
    While your busy making plans
    Suddenly hit you and then you realize
    It’s out of your hands, baby you got to understand

    You are my heaven on earth
    You are my last, my first
    And then I hear this voice inside
    Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria

  4. Harimau : Insya ALLAH abg..TQ…

    Kawie : Yes indeed. But the walls also ring-fencing me from sorrow and misery. Which is good. But I agree; that’s life. It teaches me to know that the Higher Being is the only one who will never disappoint you. if you never forget HIM. Insya Allah…

    Xtina : yes, it is the excerpt from that song but I don’t want some people misled or misinterpret because some people will say it is not appropriate because of the Christianity-theme. But I take the lyrics as my depiction to my Higher Being …Allah SWT. Sorry but have to make the disclaimer to avoid issue or controversy by some people…

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