6 comments on “I Woke Up! : Beautiful Nightmare Is Just A Russian Roulette. I Pull The Trigger.

  1. “And if you are lucky, someone who really deserve you will be found”
    i like the words..n i believe dat that some1 will find u..
    i know it hards for u to b happy now, but i believe time will heal u..insyaAllah..juz rmmber (i knoe these words are said by many people n u might getting bored wit it or maybe u hear it for the 1st time..ok, i dunno wat i’m talking about..) anyway, i want u to know dat every pain u get now will give u a true happiness in the future.i knoe it sound strange or maybe u think i’m crazy or nut or watsoever but i believe u will find some1 better than u expected..well, dats wat my mom said..hee~ ;p

    p/s: sorri i talk alot n sorry for my tunggang-terbalik english..i’m soooo not gud in language..ngee~ cheer up..n peace ^^

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