8 comments on “Hulu Selangor Mini Election : PRK P.94 @ Serendah.

  1. “Furthermore, I was the only PAPM among troops of policemen! I guess my ‘mannequin-like’ awkward self was obvious or maybe noticed because the Chief Policeman (I don’t know his rank) kept roaming around near me; and after a while asked what am I supposed to be. I told him I am PAPM and he retaliated saying that he didn’t see me much moving! I was a bit flustered because it was partially true because I was a bit awkward and felt alienated that I didn’t move much. But of course, I answered him defiantly amidst squeaky voice that I am a PAPM of ‘Penunjuk Arah’! I guess he was just teasing me because after that he laughed but I was a bit flustered because he sounded so serious. Maybe it’s the way policemen carried themselves. Anyway, as I already got warmed-up throughout the day, I became ease with the atmosphere and joked with him when I saw him. He was actually a friendly person beyond that serious face. This implies “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and I’ve learned my lesson. Hahaha!”

    * Are you sure he was not checking on you? Hohohoho!*

  2. Placebo : errm..mana ade….hish!!

    Jasni : salam Ustaz…oops, sorry yer tak sengaja sbb nak dekat tu tu takleh polis dok jaga..ini pun saya zoom.. tapi x per, saya dah tgkap gambar voters parti lagi satu tu kat atas…x prasan ke? 😛

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