20 comments on “The Finale of The Overture : KPLI Convocation Day.

  1. Semalam dah baca tp xdan nk ucap tahniah! actually pjalanan hidup shahrill byk yg mudah dan dipermudahkan-Nya, syukur banyak2…so ada dua tiga bergambar dgn awek tu ehem..cari la sorang shahrill sekalipun entri sebelum mcm x bjaya lagi heh3…carilah yg nak kt kite, sure kn dpt the best sbb shahrill nampak jujur, baik, and besta! serta cute..

  2. good one shahrill..finally..convocation day..and full-fledged teacher..congratz!!!
    p/s: agree wit ustaz jasni’s earlier comment..hehe..

  3. Should I join in & say ..u look so cute & childlike (hehehehhe)…
    But I regret couldn’t tangkap gambo with all la…cos I was so popular!! πŸ˜› bweekk

  4. Eldeiwess : Erk? Popular? no no..it’s just a normal thing….you can also do like what I do..I am trying to make use of my time now to try things I’ve never done before πŸ™‚

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