10 comments on “Virgin Sporty Experience : Putrajaya Ekiden Run @ Youth Day 2010.

  1. That’s very cool of you! And you look nice and cute with the yellow shirt on 🙂

  2. No sweat… if there’s any upcoming race esp group race, I’ll look for you again… continue to keep yourself fit…

  3. Bestnye dapat lari!!! tringin sgt… nice blog ye..you ounya life banyak benda yang seronok ….

    mmmm…kem slaam kat hensem tepi tu ekk..awak pun cute….. 😛

  4. Wah wah so proud that you took part and just have fun! that’s gret..chillin and doing some kind of like charity ..yeh la contributing energy maaa hehe

  5. Nostradamus : thankiyuuuuuuuu!!!! 🙂

    Kitty K8 : oh yeah, thanks bajillion Kitty girl! Hahahhaha it’s good that at least i can pump up myself and get myself to exercize! 🙂

    Fairy : erk???????

    Bebe : what is that????

    quenbee : yes it is! hectic healthy lifestyle 🙂

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