16 comments on “The “F” Words : Fickle Break-Up. Frail Friendship. Fun & Frolic Camping @ Genting Valley, En Route To Genting Highlands!

  1. lega dah ka weh? sabaqla ngan orang2 camni. ramai dah ang jumpa kan ?so benda ni mesti sekejap ja main dalam hati. anyway, all the bestlah. have a great time there being a teacher and all. 😀

  2. 1st time read ur blog..knew it thru ur fb status…just enjoy ur life my fren…dont care wut people said…frens come and gone…

  3. Wow you having a whale of a time there! the track looks familiar but I think I’ve never been on it but it’s like one of those that I’ve conquered during my DPA days. Ah, now I understand the commotion. hmm… I don’t even know where the count started. but then again, i learned that life is very unpredictable. We may have plans in hand but it can always deviate without showing any signs, be it in work, relationships and personal goals because of both external and internal environment. the internal you can control but the external is definitely out of your reach. Whatever it is, cheer up, life is definitely not a bed of roses, but what is life if you can’t even feel a pinch right? take it with a pinch of salt. take life as it is, embrace it for all the imperfections. no salt and pepper does make the soup bland. take care and only wishing you what’s best in life.cheerio chico!

  4. Ena : ya..thanks dear friend..walaupun kita penah bergaduh dulu (masa matriks) tp persahabatan kita sejak dr sekolah rendah lagi utuh…hope our firnedship will lasts forever weh…. Thanks a lot. Alhamdulillah, benda ni aku expect dah..cuma tunggu masa untuk aku kembali melupakan 🙂
    Thanks weh..miss you guys and the friendship sejak kita primary school lagi..jarang org ada friendship mcm ni 🙂

    Firdaus : I agree… TQ dear 🙂

    Kat : I agree. Thanks Kat for all the soothing words. You always stick by my ups and downs. You never judge a person from the facade and I could see through that. That’s why I look up to you. You are the epitome of what true friend is for. I have been observing the way you treat your friends (fly over here and there to attend weddings/ special ocaassion adn squeezed time to spend time with friends and not being judgemental) and I aspire that. I guess because we are of no judgemental person that’s why we clicked 🙂 I appreciate that Kat!!! 🙂

  5. sayu bila kk baca your story.. ini lah lumrah hidup. apa2 pun teruskan perjuangan yg masuh belum selesai ok..past is past.. look 4 future.

  6. salam shahrill,

    syok tengok bebudak tu punya aktivit outdoor. yang masuk parit tu cikgu2nya tak join skali ke? berkubang tu syok! 😀

  7. Norhisham : ???? a comment written year ago, huh? LOL!

    Zoe : YES!! Always! People come copy what I’ve written and put them in their blogs claiming theirs! Kinda shitty!

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