7 comments on “Endurances In Ramadhan : Health Fiasco. Defunct Gadgets. Pregnancy Miscarriages. Forgiveness & Apologizes.

  1. An aroma therapist may, of course, an aroma therapy and training in their knowledge of essential oils to enter the balance of mental, physical and mental health of their customers.

  2. Hey looking good at the last picture… see you’ve gained some pounds and look a lot better and healthier here. Now that you’ve received the bonus, go buy yourself a new camera that costs RM500. hehehe… kan?

  3. Mode : 🙂

    Kitty : yeah already bought the lesser than RM300 NIKON camera with 8 megapixel! a positive far cry from my canon 3.2 megapixel. hehee…Yes, been putting pounds of weight since becoming teacher 🙂

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