3 comments on “Ramadhan 2010 : Officially Tonsilitis Patient (A Subconscious Lullaby)

  1. The picture of the tonsilitis is scary… i hope yours is not as bad as the picture…. LOL! anyways, get well soon. wah, you just ignored your doctor’s advise by eating Thai food? hmm… u just broke the rules! hahaha… happy holidays and happy raya! enjoy yourself!

  2. Kitty : It is!!! hahahahhaa…my tonsilitis wasn’t this bad but the throat skin is scarred with inflammation quite bad..and the white tonsils are visible…but now is getting OK..thanks to the remedial medication!

    YES! Couldn’t resist the temptation of eating Thai foods! Northern people maaa….Thanks Kat! happy holidays chica! 🙂

    Sky : Ya salam Aidilfitri 🙂

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