7 comments on “Dagny Taggart, A Daring Damsel Or Doomed Dame? “Atlas Shrugged” With B-Lister Casts!

  1. Taylor Schilling blakon crita medical series, Mercy in Starworld this year. maybe angie byk comitment kot by the time the decided on the production time so she couldn’t commit to it. besides, look at slumdog millionaire pun byk nobodies yg blakon tp siap menang Oscar lg tuh!!! be optimistic…..skrg nih another book adaptation yg sgt aku looking forward to watch based on a Swedish novel (apparently a huge favorites throughout the world) is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, juga dilakonkan oleh sorang quite unknown (aku br tau dia blakon dlm the social network, Rooney Mara. But so far, the fans have been quite optimistic to her.

  2. dreamy : Yes I guess…but the stars enlisted are more like screen-TV adaptation rather than silver screen!But I guess you are right….positive!

    Butterfly : thanks! 🙂

    Dagny : Yeah….

  3. You’re kidding me, right? You actually expect Hollywood starlets to endorse Atlas Shrugged by agreeing to star in it? It would be career suicide. Do you not realize that Hollywood epitomizes the principals that protagonist Dagny fights against. Hollywood and the once-great state of California are the main purveyors of the liberal, “progressive” philosophy that brings the world of Atlas Shrugged to a grinding halt. I, for one, would be absolutely nauseous to see Angelina Jolie playing this part, but how can it be any surprise the A-list, communist-loving Hollywood actors would shun it?

  4. Nelno : totally not kidding. It’s an opinion that I feel like siphoning out and well, I don’t think it’s NOT a surprising fact to have Hollywood actors shunning the film because you are talking about money. And Angie did express interest to play Dagny Taggart and if I am not mistaken, Brad Pitt’s company “Plan B” did try to acquire the right to adapt the novel into silver screen. Well, if you are nauseous to see Angelina Jolie gracing the female protagonist, others don’t. My point is that, by having B listers acting in this highly-hailed masterpiece by Ayn Rand is market-suicide and it shows in the profits the film make. It;s officially a turkey. Sigh..what a waste.

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