8 comments on “Desperate To Meet Me? 2 Words : FUCK OFF! Observation Through Journey To The North.

  1. Hai Rill….remember me?

    Lama tak komen…lawa layout baru….

    Marah siapa ni? tak baik tau mencarut 🙂

  2. I recommend you take Plusliner… I don’t know if they have any from PUtrajaya… but they are based at the old KL train station. After recommendation from one of my old uni classmates, i started using PLUS and never looked back. their service is tip top and they even have an ISO 9001:2008 to prove it! I know that it seems interesting and fun to board a double-decker bus esp like the ones they provide for the “hop on hop off” service to tour KL city. However, I seriously think for long journeys, it is not a good choice.

  3. Today, I boarded the bus, AB Express from Putrajaya to Jitra, Kedah since my budget for the month is quite tight- spending more than RM2,000++ for license and *some not-to-be-disclosed-yet vacation plans!

    — let’s go backpackers style; one room for 4 ppl, hahaha…. —

  4. Nahar : well, YES! How are you???? lol! been ages! Pergi mana…? Biasalah dalam hidup ni ada rona-rona..adalah sorang hamba Allah ni jadi pest dalam hidup… an ex. Bodoh! Hhehee

    Kitty K8 : yeah, now that I’ve experience the downside of it, I am starting to think about Plusliner as well. A friend of mine did recommend the same bus when I lamented about the poor AB Express. But I do hope, there are Plusliner Buses going to Jitra! Thanks chica 🙂

    Ziggurat : Of course, but the bill must be parted…or rather you do since you now have more money… Hhahahahaha!

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