10 comments on “70,000 Views. Mythical “Narnia”. Pearl Of The Orient Nostalgia Reliving With “Tron : Legacy” & Miss T.

  1. wei2 psoting my pics here ha…keh3 saham melambung after this! muahahaha…wah u have time stamped etc etc terrific memory haha
    Oh btw u changed the layout..coolio!

  2. Queenbee : hahhahahahha thanks! YES, so better prepared for the upcoming bondage suitors hahahaa! Yeah, I’ve changed the layout and added a little Xmas feel. Weh, I think I wanna change your link to the Dolphin Cove? Please give the add. TQ

  3. I plan to watch Tron as well tp xtau bila akan terlaksana. Byk gila gmba Angie smp jd panjang lak layout ur blog, quite a nuisance esp for dial-up users.

  4. Kopiah : tahniah untuk apa? hehehe a’a agak enjoy jugak hehehe itulah nanti nak keja balik 🙂

    dreamy : well, you better hurry up! Like me, yearning to watch “Rapunzel” for like 4 weeks and luckily today terlaksana! 🙂

  5. hehe..yeah2 potential suitors PLEASE WOO ME..begging mode
    I saw Gulliver’s Travel last night with cuz..entertaining and lauged a lot..seen di? Going to Penang again for NY countdown kot hehe

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