14 comments on “From 1939’s Snow Kiss To 2010’s Hair Untangled : Success Attempt With Disney’s 50th Animated Feature, “Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale.”

  1. It’s sucha romantic movie!”All at once everything looks different…now that i see you”. IM IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE! this song made me cry at the movies! but happy crying. =)

  2. With its final fairytale adaptation, Tangled, a lively comic take of the classic Rapunzel fable, the venerable studio can at least say that it’s exiting the genre on a high note. perfect cartoon!

  3. Kitty K8: hehehe do go! time to relive the inner childlike in you hahahaha 🙂

    Galadriel : well…it is! Hehehehe

    Briar Rose : Hehehe it’s not actually cartoon though..more like 3D animated feature! 🙂

    dreamy : Yes but only when I browsed You-Tube on this song. I didn’t know he could actually sing!

    bebe : well..hopefully that the news that Disney will be stop doing this kinda ‘fair-tale’ movie is just a publicity stunt!

    Rowena : hahaha

    Nostradamus : yessss 🙂 Do watch!

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