8 comments on “Dilemma About The Color!

  1. hey.. i think all 4 stated there is just GREAT! LOL! but personally i’ll go for the fuschia or burgundy as both of the ladies are my top fave of all time! hahaha… but in my opinion u should just stick to the original colour.come on… do not associate the jambuness of yours with the colour.get the hell with what people r going to say.what do they know..but why i said that is because, when u repaint, it’s not only gonna cost u some buckeroos (kerching!), but the painter also will (god forbid) open all of the part.i mean not literally open every part but yeah some.so that the paint will be smooth and even.thats a new car dude..dont let them molest her..hahaha . just an advice 🙂

  2. przewóz fortepianów Kraków : of what? couture color? LOL

    u guess : well…you right! fuschia is just nice actually hehhee…Now I’ve seen her, I am beginning to love her..true it has been not fair for be to shun her before I meet her…hehehe…no, no one to molest her….YET! hahahah LOL 😛

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