12 comments on “Fuchsia/Magenta One-Of-A-Kind : Introducing “Dagny Taggart”!

  1. hmmm why peep scrutinising coz of the colour? and that’s the reason you didnt want to drive back to Serendah? F*%$ all the critics l..it is YOURS so why they bother. You chose this as u want something unique and diff so be with it..and you’re ok with this acceptance di right…mistake or not..like told u I didnt choose my present solid white either..and have to live with it for a while…i have repainted my former car to a color of my choice and got complained and criticised but HECK who’s the owner, driver and paying..biasa la org ASIA giving opinions which arent necessry when not required but when it’s for the good of progress or development..SILENCE..just wanna shout out what I feel of whathad been said of my previous cars..nothing seems to please the public around us

  2. Queen bee : oic….as per what I replied to you via Facebook, it was not because of embarrassed of the color that it took me nearly a month to have it in Serendah; it’s because of my parents still treating me like their youngest child ever. But yeps, totally understand with what your frustration. I was frustrated myself with the agent for not advising me about the marketing niche for this car (girls). And also my father who was adamantly wanted to BE WITH ME during the choosing-and-buy-the-car; yet the crucial advice needed with his existence was not fully exercized.

    Then again, I am not pinpointing it to my father/agent. Shit happens. And happens for reason. I’ve moved on; but to siphon out the frustration isn’t a crime/sin, I guess aite? Don’t worry. as long as the car can shelter us from scorching sun and heavy rain; I am all cool with it 🙂

    Lentera : TQ! 🙂

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