9 comments on “Parents’ 2nd Time Makkah Entourage : Oh,”When The Lights Go Down.”!

  1. I wonder why you admire angeline soo much. As an ustaz I advice you not to put soo much glimpse of a celeb in a same page with Kaaba. Just a comment from a sincere friend. Next time try to take the feel…. well it’s not just pictures. It’s what represent them.

    Anyway you got a nice picture of well of Zam Zam there…keep up bro.


  2. Ustaz : salam. I always have the feeling but I am sure no mortal could say anything to claim that THEY are the only who feel it and judge others to not feeling it. Perhaps, there isn’t any intention for”I am holier than thou” and I am immensely appreciate the effort taken by you to siphon whatever you had in mind.

    My blog isn’t restricted into religious preaching. It dictates what I feel inside and yes, I am person who has two sides. One time a haloed-angel with piety as my wings (mean I like religious stuffs and I always have utmost faith ALLAH SWT for my own sake) and at the same time divulges into ‘secular’ entertainment. Not that I’ve done all those drinking or what, it’s just preferences. Therefore, I don’t agree with you.

    Thanks but no thanks. 🙂

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