42 comments on “Choral Speaking (Hulu Selangor District Level) Competition 2011 :”Snow White & The Seven Dwarves” Runs To 2nd Placing!

  1. Hmm that’s really lame…announcing the wrong winner and also mispronunciation…perhps she thought she could get some attention and glamz being an MC…many people seem to eye for the spotlight by becoming an MC d you know that?
    Congrats for the victory may it be runner up as this is your first try in composing piece of lyrical chant

  2. Queenbee : attention seeker? perhaps..but i guess she was reluctant to become MC. It was so unprofessional and really reflected bad image for her school. Perhaps if the Headmistress put price on the dignity, the MC would have been ‘bambooed’ by her! Totally soporific and kindergarten-like anchoring!

    Rosalinda : thanks a lot 🙂

  3. CONGRATS to U & all team members. my son, muhammad nur ikhwan was one of the participants. you all did well and made us proud. WELL DONE! KEEP IT UP!

  4. I wonder why there are no photos of the prize giving ceremony? forgot to snap, huh? 😉

    if no, i would very much appreciate if photos taken during certificate & prize giving function at SK Serendah on the following Monday could be posted here… thx

  5. i came across a video clip of SRAI SG CHOH doing performance in youtube. if anyone has the performance video clip of SK Serendah, please upload it. thx ..

  6. Chinta : hehehee thanks..:)

    ASHA : yes, thanks for the compliments. I hope this victory would inspire other SK Serendah pupils to partake in other English activities because they have potentials; only time and faith are needed both from school, parents and all parties involved to make it work! Hehehe.. I am sorry that I didn’t capture the prize-giving ceremony as I was occupied with video shooting. You can view the video in Miss Nor Azlin’s FB. I took it via her camera. 🙂

    aku harap engkau sempat minta maaf dengan aku sebelum aku mati…Sesungguhnya engkau tak tau apa pon disebalik semua kejadian tu… salam.
    Hadis Rasulullah SAW:

    “Jangan buka aib orang kerana Allah akan membuka aibmu walaupun di dalam rumahmu sendiri”

  8. FARA : wasalam. NOPE. tak bukak keaiban orang lain pun sebab itu yang terjadi. Ini blog saya untuk menceritakan bagaimana ketidakpuasan hati pemenang kedua terpaksa menaiki pentas mengambil HADIAH TEMPAT KETIGA tanpa sebarang minta maaf langsung.

    sebab awak guna AKU, saya guna AKU. AKU harap engkau akan minta maaf sebelum aku mati atas ketirisan yang berlaku sebab aku pun takkan maafkan orang yang membuat kesilapan tanpa minta maaf dan memberi komen bebaur peribadi. Blog adalah platform peribadi. Tapi kalau nak salurkan ketidak puasan hati silakan. Pengajaran, selepas ini, kita jalankan ssecara berhemah.

    AKU harap engkau minta maaf sebelum hati aku tertutup nak maafkan.

  9. Salam.. Kepada Fara, why are u saying such things?? Are u the MC that he was referring to? If so honey, take it as a challenge and make it as a positive notes ( maybe u akan jadi MC lagi in the futire).. Even it bitter to take, but u need to be grateful as someone is pointing out the truth and u have time you can improved yourself. Jgn guna asyik nilai dari negatif. N if its happen that u are a teacher, well, please jaga your language. Its a bit rude for me to read it, let alone others who will always wants to find mistakes in your profession. Aslmkm

  10. sangat tak profesional serang blog orang….releks bro, orang yang kecoh memang tak nak mengaku. ko pun tak sebut nama dia kan?

  11. Masya Allah…orang macam ni pun ada ke? sabar lah Shahrill..tak sangka plak ada cikgu yang macam ni..apapun tahniah 🙂

  12. Congratz bro, sorry to intrude. Quite surprised at the retaliation, even though it’s not meant to be an attack. But seriously, forgive and forget, teachers are role models to the students. Protect the honor of being a teacher. Won’t look so nice if a student sees this.


  13. shahrill, well done for you & your team. by the way, just stick your middle finger up to the hater, and move on. that’s how the pros does it. weeee

  14. that is just gross knowing someone who is so not professional. this is little bit lame because you just wrote what you felt. not like you state out anyone’s name. Cool man, everyone who see this blog can see the logic….. cheers

  15. What da fuck?. Its just a competition in the kampung for fucks sake! Chill the fuck up everyone.

  16. Lizzie : indeed..I guess anger infuse flame and clouding rationale 🙂

    Farid : hmmm…entahlah…. 🙂

    Lentera : tu la…thanks 🙂

    Bryan : exactly. Was quite taken aback and shocked with this. What’s of an opinion has become smithereens of issues! lol!

    luna : hahaha thanks dear…well, that was my days with the middle finger right? corporate world and government world differs in sense of that. typical community like government has to be threaded delicately, I guess 🙂

    Martin : agree 🙂

    fucker : well……..exactly 🙂

  17. it’s just a competition of a secluded area. It’s not even from bangsar or anything. Gosh…chillex!

  18. Sorry but now that the MC in question has posed up retaliation, it makes everything out of proportion. What supposes to die off now become an issue. For strangers who view this matter, it’s trivial and it paints bad image to the person who make fuss over little thing, indeed. Possibly, this is a result of intertwining hearsay-chain from mouths to mouths……………..

  19. mungkin pemikirannya masih mentah dan gak boleh terima apa-apa kritikan. Shahrill, sabar aja deh. Yang penting kamu itu punya bakat dan transkripsi English yang keren banget! Aku mau belajar sama kamu!

  20. Shahrill, saya tak faham kenapa benda ni jadi isu atau masalah…buat malu aja benda kecik macam ni pun sampai nak mengadu domba. Takpela sabar…kerja dengan orang government yang lama-lama ni memang gini…suka kecoh benda kecik macam minda kat kampung kecil… quit cikgu keja banker balik la dear 🙂

  21. doodle :hmmm….agree… 🙂

    Bebe : I agree. This could be fumed by a lot of people and words from mouths-to-mouths. Source tells that this incident is being fanned into flame by a’person’ from PPD Hulu Selangor. A mystery? I don’t know but this doesn’t seem so good… 🙂

    Nerina : entahlah..mungkin juga nona.. apa-apapun, melatah membawa padah. Jika parah menyebabkan ada yang hilang arah bukan?

    Erra : Entahla..nak komen nannti ada pula yang berkecil hati. Ya mungkin dear. Thanks 🙂

  22. Tony : well…I’ve wrote a Notification Update underneath this entry just to clear the smoke. Hopefully the haze of prejudices will clear away. If they refuse and still adamant to put hatred inside, I can’t say anything because it’s nonsensical for such trivial matter, I say.

  23. Hahaha.. Well well well.. The updates makes me laugh hard.. Period! Person reading xbaca bagi paham btol2 dulu ka sebelum nak butthurt???? Sigh.. If they do understand what u wrote and take the positive notes in it, they wont make a fuss and creates such stir.. Hahahah.. Well babe. Luckily you got backup from your colleague. I guess good mind thinks alike! Hahahah.. =)

  24. Lizzie : yeah babe! I just hope that the Notification Updates would clear some hazy smoke that definitely led the other party gone astray. Well, different people come with different strokes, I know but hopefully it would alleviate their prejudices. Yeps, good mind can always read between the lines; hopefully, we can all portray good image as Government civilians and stop bickering over trivial issue like this, aite? 🙂

    ipad : ohh…right…spammer? LOL!

  25. Intan : Hahhaha actually bagi saya sekolah yang menang memang berhak menang sebab nampaklah tersusunnya dan konduktor dia pun very sleek dan smart. Itu tak jadi tanda tanya. Cuma komen saya pasai MC ajalah. PPD tak tau la plak sebab dengan cerita, seorang individu dari PPD yang memulakan kekecohan ni & sampaikan pada sekolah sana. Entahlah 🙂

  26. honestly, this is what it’s all about? a writing in the blog and got a school gone beejesus like a volcano eruption? I am not kididng when I say that if the government want people to stop comaparing government and private sectors, this moronic attitude must put to an end. How come the MC calls and I heard that the headmistress gone bonkers against your school as well? A disgrace to the education world! Geez………..

    dramas everywhere, eh? I think the retaliation and calling up the school was a bit silly for them.

    I am not surprise if their minds are like ‘typical old Malaysians’….

  27. Intan terpilih : thanks..Insya ALLAH..I believe that Allah SWT will unveils the truth and the one with the real Black Heart will be rewarded as what he/she deserves… 🙂

    Cleopatra : well, sadly it is. What you read and know is what you get. I guess as a Government civilian these days, I have to bear with their ill wills..though I do retaliate if they try to ridicule 😛

  28. I have been perusing your blog and your English is so amazing! I like the way you put the words and tailor the meaning together. You should write for newspapers!

  29. Hhahahaa this is so stupid. I hope the teacher who retaliated back know that people outside from government service look at this as stupid case… well done for transparent remark.

  30. Hi. .dropping by just to tke a peep on the emcee text for the cming competition. I’m a tcer from one of the schools in johore. I’ve never thought bcming an emcee cn put a tcer on a limelight. Tis my first time bcming the mc for the competition. One thg for sure i don’t like to be the cnter of attention. What happened in ur district is for others to ponder. Always the truth hurts..but there’s always a room for improvement. However. .If one has taken a task..willing unwilling. .should always deliver the best. Anyway.. A tcer is a reflection of his or her school. Thank u for sharing the script. I do find it useful. Congrats for the win.

    • Exactly. It was such a chaotic scene. Yes, it is not easy to become an MC as you are the first facade of image projected upon the audience before you. But of course, the tiger was let out from the bag in my case simply because of the mentioning of the school’s name – perceived as to taint the image and reputation of the school. But as you have read the war of comments as well my Notification Updates; we stand to our own sturdy stance in what we believe. 🙂

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