12 comments on “The Oaths & Promises Of Malaysian Teachers : 2011 Teachers’ Day @ SK Serendah (My 2nd Year – A Merry Time In Sombre Days).

  1. Teachers’ Day is a special occasion when all in the nation express their appreciation to fellow teachers who are responsible for the character moulding of students. As usual, teachers started off with a general assembly. Our guest of honour, Reverend Suwito, representative of the Parent-Teachers Association, gave his speech followed by another from the student representative, Azmi Md. Som of Lower Six Arts Two. His speech was based on the theme of Teachers’ Day: “Pendidikan Asas Perpaduan”.

    Through his eloquent and impressive speech, he conveyed the students’s sincere thanks and appreciation to the teaching staff besides setting forth in detail the role of a teacher. Prior to these speeches, the Senior Assistant, Tuan Haji Hussain, had delivered Datuk Musa Hitam’s Message to the school in conjunction with this auspicious occasion.

    After the assembly, the pupils returned to their respective classrooms and carried on with their programmes. Light refreshments and indoor games were among the many and most popular programmes of the classes. Music and laughter filled the air: there was a harmonious and happy atmosphere throughout the school.

    In the field, football, basketball and netball were played. The energetic teachers and pupils would have continued if not for the next programme on the list, The CONCERT.

    The concert which comprised of sketches, songs and cultural dances, was the highlight of the day’s programme. The enthusiastic and talented participants presented their items so well that amidst the hot, stuffy atmosphere in the canteen, the audience enjoyed every minute of the show. Among the many items, the most exciting and most incredible was the “Incredible Hulk” presented by U6A2, one that stole the show and won the 1st prize, a pewter plate. Scent of incense filled the air, when the beautiful ladies in gold brocaded saris presented the Indian Cultural Marriage. The “pretty young things” from L6SC3 must not be forgotten for they really captured the limelight. Everyone owned a pocket full of happy memories, a memories that will be retained always.

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