15 comments on “Happy Birthday, Shahrill Ramli! (Part I) : The Greatest Love Of All.

  1. sotong celup tepung = squid fritters
    calamari tu bukan limau nipis ke?
    rasa2nya je, tak sure jugak

  2. Marc : thanks abg marc, chegu Kimia 😛 …awh, it could be squid fritters I just googled just now. A new term for me, thanks. Calamari is an Italian word which has been Anglicized into English.It’s another version of squid, if I am not mistaken 🙂

    Dorothy : Yes VERY inspiring! thanks 🙂

      • lol, don’t say embarrassed yourself. I am honoured that at least you are generous to share your thoughts with me, especially of a competent teacher like yourself abg! 🙂

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