10 comments on ““Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” : Beach Retreat @ Lumut (The Maritime & Naval Hub) & Licking Good Malay Cuisine @ Kuala Kangsar (Royal Town Of Perak).

  1. Lumut has changed quite a bit from days when it was just a sleepy little fishing village some 3 decades ago. Apart from the influx of tourists to Pangkor, the transformation can be much attributed to the Royal Malaysian Navy having set up their main base here. Driving along the coast, you can just about see a row of towering apartment blocks that houses the navy personnel. The other reason is the community of expatriates that have been stationed in Lumut to work on the Power Station nearby. Many of these contract expatriates stay at the Orient Star Resort in Lumut. To cater for this small community, a few Italian restaurants, pubs and cafe have sprung up in recent years just some walking distance from the Orient Star. If Italian food is not your style, there are a number of Indian Restaurants around and a few local food outlets where you can grab a simple bite. During the day, if cheap food is what you’re looking for, then take a walk over to the Lumut Bus Station. There, a food court has been set up for the convenience of travellers and locals alike.

    There are a few new developments around town in the past 12months and one of them is the large multistoreyed carpark. During long weekends and public holidays, you can expect a horrific traffic jam in little Lumut. Parking is horrendous and finding a place to stay is worse! If you’re travelling by car, and are intending to stay in Pangkor, you have to leave your car in Lumut and take a ferry across to Pangkor.So make sure to book way in advance if you’re intending to visit Pangkor during the holiday seasons and perhaps when the new building is ready, that may ease the pain a little.

    Apart from being a stepping stone for Pangkor, there isn’t much else to do in Lumut. Much of the quaintness of the town has been torn down to makeway for newer and better stuff! (Sorry, I can’t really seem to be able to put a finger on what the S-t-u-f-f part is but i guess you’d get a gist of it when you get there)

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